Monday, May 30, 2011

Rain Rain, Go Away: The Perfect Summer Day Look and How to Get it

I'm so sick of all this rain! When will it end? Although we've had a few pretty good days here in the Northeast, most days have at least the ominous threat of rain. Personally I wish it would just pour and get it over with, until then I'm going to enjoy the weather for what it is, working around the dampness and humidity.

It's not easy to lighten the load of my makeup bag in the summer, not for a girl who loves makeup so much. I want to pile it on like I do in the winter and honestly, sometimes I do. For those day-at-the-beach days I have to go a little lighter and leave my makeup bag at home, just toting SPF lipbalm (preferably tinted) and a mirror for reapplication. This year I'm preparing myself, researching looks I'll want to wear all summer long. I found two perfect looks, one for day and one for night, on gorgeous model Lily Donaldson. Read on for the perfect daytime look and check back tomorrow afternoon for the evening style.

As you'll see this is a repeated look and it is so for a reason, it looks gorgeous and very low maintenance. I guarantee your friends will think you look low maintanence and pulled together while guys will just think you look hot wearing so little makeup. My how easy it is to fool the simpler sex. This style can be worn by any age, skincolor and lifestyle with a few minor adjustments.

For this classic look you'll need a few items, ones that you probably have in your stash already. That's the beauty of it. It really couldn't get any easier.

1). I highly recommend washing you face and applying moisturizer to still damp skin. You'll lock in moisture and help makeup glide on quickly. You may also apply a primer if you need your look to last particularly long on those hot sweaty days.

2). Next apply foundation and concealer. If your skin tends to get shiny mid-day I recommend going with something matte and for those of you who, like me, have dry skin I'm always a fan of a satin or velvet finish, not too matte but not exactly dewy either. This is totally up to your discretion and won't alter the look no matter what you choose. Make sure to cover any dark circles or blemishes to give your skin a perfect look.

3). Choose a matte blush that works well with your skintone. Peach is universally flattering, light pinks work wonderfully on pale girls like me and berry tones look wonderful on those blessed with dark skin. Also, feel free to go for something sparkly-er if you so choose (you know that's what I'd do)! My personal favorite of the moment Physician's Formula Happy Booster Blush with it's not too shimmery finish, subtle violet smell (how awesome is that?) and beautiful design.

4). For the lips it's all about subtle shades with tons of shine and sparkle like those in Cargo's Voyages Lip Gloss Collection. Every single one of these shades could work on any skintone. I realize that in these pictures Lily's lips are mostly undone but we can't have that can we? I don't feel finished until I'm sporting a rockin' lipgloss. The point is to wear something close to your natural lipcolor or if you're lower maintenance than I you could always wear tinted lip balm, a personal favorite of mine is by Burt's Bees.

5). Onto the best part, the eyes. As you can see from the pictures it's important to have a shimmery shadow close to your own skintone as well as a lighter color to highlight the inner corners or the lashline, whichever you prefer. Those with cool toned skin(pink undertones) should sport shades of silver and those with warm skin(yellow undertones) should reach for gold, the darker your skin, the darker and more vibrant the shade. This is the key to the really wide-eyed look you see here. Apply the skintone matching shade to the entire lid. You choose whether to line the entire eye with the lighter color or just use it on the inner corners as both are really great options for opening up the eye area subtly.

What do you think? How beautiful do you look for a hot summer day. Email me the pics!

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