Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Secret Scent Expressions

Nothing is more embarrassing than underarm odor and wetness, trust me, I wore black shirts exclusively all of my sophomore year of high school to disguise the rings of sweat under my arms. Antiperspirant has come a long way since then, with Clinical Strength Secret among the many leaps and bounds made since 2001.

Now that I'm no longer a major sweater there's only one antiperspirant I'll use, not just for its effectiveness (though it does work wonderfully) but because it smells so damn delicious. You all know how much I like fruity scents and cherry is one of my favorites. The Cherry Mischief scent is perfect, so fresh that I'm almost wishing I could sweat enough to smell it.

This clear gel goes on like a dream and I've had absolutely no instance of white marks on my clothes. For that reason alone I'd tell you to run out and buy it. If you're not into cherry, or even fruity, there are plenty of scents in the line and I've tried them all, they are that good. Not only do I wear it myself but I've converted friends, both male and female. In fact your resident Dude, my husband Matthew, swears by it, it's the only deodorant we can find that doesn't cause him to break out in the rash he actually had the day we met.

Have you tried it? What's your favorite scent? More into solids, they also have some pretty amazing scents in the solid form as well.

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