Monday, May 16, 2011

Benefit BADgal Plum

Figures, blogger's down when I am a writing mood. That's just my luck. Instead of dwelling on it, I'm sucking it up and writing now. Haha! Plus, there were a lot of other ways I could have written to get ahead on posts. Can you tell I'm a procrastinator? Anyway, on to Mascara Monday. I can't believe I still have more mascara to write about, although today's kinda goes with the post I already did on Benefit BADgal Lash, only this one is about the plum shade. Okay, okay, stop blabbering on already, tell us about the mascara, Jaime. I know you're thinking it.

BADgal Plum is awesome! As a green eyed girl I know that purples and plums looks great and honestly, I think they look awesome on all eye shades. However, I'd have to say Benefit's definition of plum is definitely not mine, it's the actual color of the "meat" of a plum, not the skin, more of a maroon color, as I mentioned in my other post. However, I think it looks gorgeous on the lashes, a subtle dash of color that works on it's own or over black for just a hint of color. I don't think anyone would look at you and know that you had plum mascara on, no matter how many coats you splashed on, not even 10 like me.

As usual Benefit did a great job with this one. I adore the size of the brush, it's huge but still easy to control. I know, I know, that definitely sounds like a "that's what she said" kinda comment, but it also happens to be true. This one really fattens up my lashes and gives them length as well, although it is less noticeable with this color than it would be with black, a more natural look. In my experience BADgal lash is a drier mascara which makes it easier to work with without getting it all over you but really, I like to mix things up so it's not a good thing or a bad thing to me, just something to note. By no means is it too dry, it's jut not one of those sticky wet mascaras that take forever to dry on the lashes.

Overall, I think this mascara would be absolutely perfect for red haired girls, like my faux Raggedy Ann hair. Also, I might be crazy but I love the big giant tube with the gold cap, it's a cinch to find in your makeup bag!

Now if Benefit would just make an actual purple (like violet purple) mascara, I'd be so happy. What about you? Have you tried colored mascara? If so what was your favorite?

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