Thursday, May 19, 2011

Urban Decay Palettes

You know how there is an influential album out there for you? One that makes you think that there is no way you could ever live without music? That's how Metallica's Black Album is for many people, younger me included. Now I couldn't possibly narrow it down to just one, not at all. That's how I'm sure many dark makeup lovers feel about Urban Decay's Black Palette. Not only is this palette beautiful but it's versatile as well. If you're a jewel tone lover you'll love this limited edition palette. There's matte black Black Dog for every day use, a sparkling black Barracuda(love that song by Heart), purple leaning black Jet (for Joan Jett, perhaps?), bluish black Sabbath (Black Sabbath, natch!), golden black Cobra, and Libertine, a greenish black sparkle. How could you not love it? For $36 you can have a perfect complete wardrobe of dark eye colors, a mini liner in Zero and a mini Primer Potion in matte Eden.

What if you're not into dark shadow, which I must admit I can completely understand even though I can't admit it too loud for fear that I could lose all street cred as a beauty blogger? Don't get me wrong I love dark shadow when done right but I also love a pretty feminine eye, less rocker chick more garden party. Urban Decay has you covered there as well with The Feminine Palette. The colors aren't timid but they aren't dark and moody either. There's Stray Dog, a pretty medium brown, a glittered light pink SWF, Midnight Cowboy, a sparkly champagne, bright teal Aquarius, Dark Horse, an eclectic mix of bronze and plum and bright pinkish purple Ecstasy. This palette also comes with a Greed mini Primer potion and a zero (black) eyeliner and retails for $34.

As a word of warning, if you're afraid of sparkles you may to be aware that these are quite sparkly and do leave slight fallout on cheeks which honestly is not a bother for me. If you're more into shimmer than sparkle you absolutely have to look into the Rollergirl Palette, also on my short list. Take a look at how beautiful it is.

With three subtle levels of brown based shades(Verve, Suspect and Darkhorse {the same shade in the Feminine Palette}) goodness and a bright pink pop (Woodstock). It also comes with Whiskey (brown) eyeliner and a bright pink Cooling Lipgloss in Crush for $32.

Or, a wonderful option for Vegans and people who generally want sustainable beauty products, The Vegan Palette, a simple name for a wonderful product. The colors in this palette, bright teal Minx, icy green Urb, gunmetal Gunmetal (simple, right?) and neutrals in Baked, Smog and Half-Baked. This palette comes with a mini primer potion in Sin (we know how I feel about this one) and a mini 24/7 liner in black Zero! You can't really go wrong for $34.

As a huge fan on Urban Decay I have to tell you, I don't think you can really go wrong with any of these palettes. I have a few of their palettes and they are perfect for travel or every day use, not to mention how beautiful they are to look at. Which one is your fave? If you had to pick which one would you take home with you today?

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