Wednesday, May 25, 2011

L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base (Primer)

I've become a primer girl, something I never thought I'd be but here I am. Ever since I tried my first one two years ago I've become addicted. Since I'm currently unemployed and rarely leave the house except for trips to the grocery store or to family functions, I admittedly don't use it every day. In fact, I really only use it for special occasions, long days or when I know photos are going to be taken. If you've never tried a makeup primer you should know that its main responsibility is to soften flaws and help your other makeup adhere to your skin better and this one did just that when I tried it out at a long family function last Saturday.

Technically this product is called Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base but I thought that would be confusing if you weren't looking at the product. Clearly, it's not a foundation which I typically think of when I hear makeup referred to as base. I also thought that since the foundation is a souffle that the consistency of this primer would be lighter but it's right up there with Smashbox Photo Finish Light, not a bad thing at all. Also, a little goes a long way. I tried the sample that I've seen in at least three of my magazines and even though the foundation sample barely covered half of my face the same size primer sample did the whole thing. I thought that was amazing and that the jar would last forever, always a plus in my book.

I'm not an oily girl (although you wouldn't know that by looking at me now, see my review tomorrow for THAT explanation) but this primer is known to be mattifying and I can see why. My face felt soft and satiny without any of the telltale grease that usually makes it feel this good. My foundation glided right on and I had no trouble with peeling like I do some other primers. You know when you finish applying your makeup and run your fingers across it one last time and end up with rolled balls of product? I didn't have that with this one, not at all.

One thing I realized about this primer that wouldn't work for me (the only reason I wouldn't consider purchasing it) is that it comes in a jar that you dip your fingers in. Now I'm not known for being the most sanitary person in the world but that just seems like a breeding ground for germs to me. That and the fact that I can't stand dipping my hands in a jar and ending up with half the product under my nails instead of on my face.

Quickly, I wanted to let you know that I also tried the sample of the MagicSmooth Souffle makeup and again, as it comes in jar form, I wouldn't purchase it for myself. This foundation has a really sheer coverage but it blurred my imperfections without really covering them up, great for my fellow freckle-faced girls who want to proudly show them off. I applied it to half of my face and after a few hours (probably around 5-6 hours) you couldn't really tell which side was wearing foundation and which side was not, probably why they market the primer and the foundation together. I have a feeling that the smooth consistency of MagicSmooth Souffle allows this one slip off your face quicker, even without the hot and humid temperatures sure to come in a month or so. It did make my face feel soft and hydrated without making me shiny which is great for any skin texture.

How do these products rate to you? Have you tried them? I'm so glad to see so many products like this in drugstores now, letting those who wouldn't even know where to begin in Sephora have a chance to experience a makeup primer. All I can picture is my mother saying "what's a Sephora?" Show her to the makeup section in the drugstore and she's like a ravenous beast.

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