Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday: Nivea Energizing Face Scrub

I'm a guy, guys don't really use shower products except for your basic soap and shampoo. However, there is one face scrub I do use, Nivea For Men Energizing Face Scrub. Nothing too fancy, just soap in a bottle with some cleansing scrubs but if I forget to use it in the shower, I feel off for the rest of the day. My eyes don't open fully, I'm stumbling, speaking incoherently. Well, maybe it's not that bad but my face sure notices the difference.

Something about those amazing little scrubbies just seems to work. It's almost as if I can feel it cleaning out my pores. A dab on my forehead, nose and one on each cheek is enough to invigorate my face, plus it feels good, like a back scratch on my face. Afterward, my usually semi greasy nose looks matte rather than it's typical shiny look I've despised forever.

I couldn't tell you why Nivea is marketing it at me or what it's supposed to do but what I do know is that scrubbing any pimples or soon to be pimples with it seems to help drastically. I've also noticed that it gives me a better, closer shave, not that I usually want a clean a shave but for guys that do this is perfect to use first. Also, during the summer months especially, after shaving my chest sometimes I get razor burn from sweating, if I use this right after, followed by aftershave, it lessens the burn or completely eliminates it. It also gets off any dead skin on the area I just shaved.

I'm not one for bringing an arm full of products into the shower with me but this is one that I can't go without. And on top of all the good it does, it smells good too, hell, I'd wear this as cologne. Definitely something you should have your man try.

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