Thursday, May 19, 2011

High vs. Low: Colored Lip Balm

You know, until a few years ago I wasn't a lip balm girl, at all. You could not get me to sacrifice color for a little bit of moisture. Now, I don't have to compromise and it feels so good.

There are products out there that really jump-started the trend. Fresh's Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments really brought attention to the genre. I love these, I really do but I'm also a huge cheapskate. Now, it's almost hard to resist the Honey shade as I've never seen anything like it anywhere in the category, it's a gorgeous peachy nude shade that works so well with bright eye makeup or flushed cheeks. Ahh, gorgeousness. But at $22.50, I just can't do it. I can't pull the trigger. I'd rather use my regular old lip balm with a smidge of concealer on my lips to get the nude color this one provides. Call me cheap, I don't care.

Well, I don't have to suffer for my frugality. Enter Nivea's a Kiss of Flavor Tinted Lip Care. When Matt mentioned his Nivea Energizing Face Scrub on Tuesday it brought to mind my favorite Nivea product, this one. I have it in the sheer red Strawberry shade (it smells exactly like Strawberry fruit snacks)and light berry Cherry. Seriously, how could you go wrong. Want to know the best part? These little guys cost just $2.99 for virtually the same size product, seriously, almost $20 cheaper than their upscale brothers. I just adore these, they smell so amazing and really nourish my lips with a light tint and just the right amount of moisture. They're not heavy in the least and they're perfect for summer as long as you remember not to leave them unattended in your hot car.

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