Monday, May 23, 2011

Billboard Awards Fashion

As I was sitting down to write future posts for DOC my own curiosity (call it procrastination if you will) got the best of me and I couldn't resist checking out the fashions from last night's Billboard awards. I was pretty shocked to find that there weren't very many places to find the information. I thought I'd change all that. Here's my take on the looks of the night.

Britney Spears looks the best she's looked in years. I love the satin trim on her bandage dress, it really adds interest to an otherwise overdone look. The strappy shoes keep with the bandage, caged-in feel of the outfit.

Beyonce, also wearing black, failed to impress me on the red carpet. While I think the dress is great, it's a little understated for Ms. B. I would have liked to have seen something more wild and fun for such a free spirited event. Also, as much as I love the natural hairstyle she's sporting, I can't get on board with the peroxide blonde hair. Not for me!

Hilary Scott of Lady Antebellum really rocks this black dress (see a pattern here?) with rouching and a jeweled neckline. This is a very flattering silhouette on a fuller figure and I think she looks great. Gold shoes add a leg lengthening effect and the straight hair slims a rounder face. I could learn something from Hil.

While something can be said about fun dresses, I think Fergie's is a little too out there. With the cutouts and the leather and the pleating, it's a little over the top. In this case I'd rather see Fergie in something a little more classic or perhaps just a little less busy, the plain black pumps look out of place with such a wild outfit.

The Billboards also brought Ke$ha looking the best she's every looked. I love the color of the dress, the cutouts and sparkles and I'd saw off her leg with a spoon for those shoes. Of course, it wouldn't be me without a negative, lose the train, it kills the whole look. If I were doing a Good, Bad, Ugly list, the train would have veered this from Good to Bad in a heartbeat.

I feel like the bandage dress has had it's day, really. It's a gorgeous look, one that could become a classic if it wasn't worn to death already. That said, I still thought Kelly Rowland looked great in Barbie pink. Hey, you gotta have something to show off the boob job. Am I right?

Keri Hilson is always hit or miss for me and this was a miss. Still not digging her blonde hair either (not to mention three inches of roots) and the yellow does nothing for her. Perhaps, a darker hairstyle would have let the color shine then I'd be complaining about the sheer sleeves instead of the unflattering color. Pass!

Kylie Minogue looks like she's gearing up for a stripper's funeral. Black lace, peekaboo portions paired with ankle boots. Correct me if I'm wrong but Kylie doesn't need any help looking shorter. I probably would have adored this in another color and with better shoes.

Mary, Mary, Mary. I wanna love this look, really, I do. It's almost there, so close, just inches from perfection. Her hair really threw me off though. Talk about fug. A shorter hem on the dress, paired with a simplier, sexier hairstyle would have won major points for me. The dress itself is pretty fierce though.

Nicki Minaj, wow! The color is gorgeous, I really love that. The outfit is awesome as well. However (you knew that was coming didn't you?) I really don't like them together. I think this jumpsuit would have been sexy as hell in a darker shade. I know she's proud of her body, we all do, but this flashy outfit is doing her no favors. Black would be great, royal purple, a darker shade of blue, perhaps. Also, WTF is up with her hair. Why did they bleach the roots and leave the rest pink? It just looks off.

The other night Matt and I were talking about Michelle Williams (she came up because of the other Michelle Williams but still) and he mentioned that she looks a lot like his friend Bobby. Agreed! I feel like she's too thin and that only accentuates her man-face. I see where she's trying to go with the dress but she didn't quite get there.

Nicole Kidman always looks happy these days and I couldn't be happier for her. I love how she's embracing fashion and taking risks, plus I am so excited she's back to being a strawberry blonde. However, I feel like this dress is a little too Little House on the Prarie meets Funeral Couture. It looks comfy and with two little ones at home (not to mention a hubby with a wild past) to care for, something can be said for comfort. Love the side braid, but would have loved to see some of her gorgeous long legs.

Rihanna's still holding onto the red hair and I must admit, I like it a lot better when it's short. This cut is classic and really pairs well with her all white suit, it really pops. This is a very fashion forward look and I can appreciate it for what it is. It's not crazy or out there like some of her other fashions but I fell like it's a mature look for her. It's a risk that I feel paid off.

Speaking of mature, how grown up does Selena Gomez look? I love this look on her. The cutouts are sexy without being risque, her hair is simple and the shoes really stand out. It's a fun look that makes her look like a class act.

Last but not least, my favorite look of the night, Taylor Swift. Wow! She floored me. Taylor could be a model in this gorgeous shimmering gown. The shape is simple and defined and she toned down the curls into a more romantic and grown up wave and her bright red lips are the perfect accent for the whole outfit.

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