Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beauty Girl's Secrets: Week 4: Tea Tree Oil Scalp Treatment

You know that tingly feeling you get on your scalp when you wash with a tea tree oil shampoo? I love it, as in, can't live without it, I just can't fathom using the same shampoo day in and day out. That's where tea tree oil comes in. I picked up a mini bottle from Desert Essence and used it to spot treat pimples. As an acne sufferer it's a godsend, just don't apply it straight from the bottle to your face. Dilute it with water or add it to a wet cotton ball before applying.

Another great way to use the product, and incidentally one I found in a beauty magazine, apply some to the tips of your wet fingers and massage into your scalp as you let the shampoo penetrate your strands. The shampoo gives your fingers slip and allows you to apply it to a larger area with less risk of scalp irritation. If you have a sensitive scalp or have recently colored your hair I would avoid this treatment for a while. As with all beauty products you should do a spot test on your inner arm before use and you only need a couple drops for your whole head, don't splash the whole bottle on there and then come running to me when it burns like hell. I'll feel horrible.

This treatment is best left to once or twice a week max or you risk injuring your easily irritated scalp. Also, you should know that the scent tends to linger so you may want to re-shampoo your roots immediately after use to mop up some of the smell. Tea tree oil is a great remedy for treating mild to moderate dandruff as well so it's great for those of us that suffer from seasonal dandruff.

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