Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm

It's the weekend!!! That means it's time to talk about suncare products. I hope you're out enjoying this wonderful weather and having a good time. As much as I know you're having fun I bet a few of you aren't protecting yourselves in the way you should. How about that SPF, applying every 2 hours? I hope so. I also hope you're protecting your lips.

If you're anything like me and like to wear lipgloss on a daily basis you're probably doing more harm than good to your poor lips this time of year. The gloss attracts the sun to your lips and actually causes them to burn faster than they would if they were naked. Fact! You know when you're on a boat or chillaxin' in a lake and you end up 10x more sunburned than you would if you were on dry land? It's the same deal. The water reflects the sunlight back onto you and gloss does the same thing for your lips. Who knew?

Now if you want to protect them I highly suggest getting a lipbalm or lipstick with SPF. Make sure you're going to use enough to actually protect yourself and reapply when your lips no longer feel hydrated. Not only does the sun burn and age your lips but it can seriously dry them out. But how can we go without color on our lips all weekend, Jaime? I can hear it now! I've got your solution, Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15.

Wait, I can read your mind again, Mary Kay, Jaime? Really? Really! Mary Kay might be your mother's overpriced favorite but us Generation Y-ers are more apt to spend our hard earned money on Urban Decay and Tarte at Sephora! I've actually tried these lip balms and they are great. They're available in 5 colors, all which are more pigmented than you'd expect in a lip balm. They retail for $13 and come in a MAC Slimshine-like package(mine was a sample), thin tall tubes instead of short chubby ones we're used to for balms, so make sure you keep this one cool or it's going to melt all over you and possibly scald your lips when you apply. Bonus, this one smells a lot like MAC lipglass, the cupcake-esque vanilla smell.

I tried Blush and Poppy, two totally different shades. Blush is a brownish rose shade. It's not the color I make when I blush nor the color of any blushes I own but still, I can see why they named it that, it's not that much of a stretch. Poppy is a bright pink, exactly what you'd expect from the name. Take a look (Blush on top, Poppy on bottom)

This is a lighter swatch, equivalent to one coat.

This is a couple coats.

The best part about these is the way they fade. Since they're so pigmented I figured I'd be left with a big ring of color around my lips and a faded center but that wasn't the case with these. They faded into a stain which looked awesome on. Once they were no longer moist to the touch you could conceivably add another layer of your regular balm on top, hopefully another one with SPF.

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