Thursday, August 18, 2011

Harajuku Lovers and Betsey Johnson for Tweezerman

I'm sure you've figured out the importance of proper brow maintenance by now. It's the easiest way to pull your look together but also the easiest to forget or push to the bottom of your list. I, for one, am completely guilty of letting my tweezers sit idly for a little too long. Right now I'm long overdue for a tweezing (you pluck a chicken and tweeze your brows, by the way) and I'm starting to look unruly. Lucky for me, my brows are pale and seem to keep the same basic shape without maintenance and there's no unibrow in sight even after months of neglect.

With Tweezerman you have no excuses. These are easily the best tweezers out there. The slanted tip makes it a cinch to grab all of those hairs, even the tiny baby ones that are nearly invisible to the naked eye. Personally I like to tweeze my brows in the car, in natural sunlight, with the slightly magnifying mirror on my visor. Of course I only do this when I'm the passenger and when we're stopped.

No matter how much I love my traditional Tweezerman slant tweezers I'm having a love affair with the Harajuku Lover's version. They're available in Gwen(pictured above), Love, Angel, Music, and Baby just like the perfumes and all of them are adorable. If Betsey Johnson's designs are more your style check those out as well, they're available in Marilyn, Rose and Skulls. Both sets are limited edition, available only at Sephora and incredibly adorable, perfect if you're interested in having cute things even when you're doing mundane activities like grooming your brows.

I adore my Tweezerman and I love that the company promises re-sharpening for life. That $25 pair of tweezers can take you through the rest of your days with minimal maintenance needed. They even have mini versions (including Harajuku Lover's ) for $15 but I prefer the bigger size for my large hands. While you're at it make sure and check out the Harajuku Lover's patterned nail files.


  1. I'll have to start bringing my tweezers with me in the car!

  2. Just make sure you're parked! Mine are light and I can still find every stray hair and get a perfect brow shape every time.