Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday: Facial Hair Care

As a product of hormones and perhaps evolution, women have boobs, and men have the much less desirable facial hair. I suppose some women have it too but they should really do their best to change this because no matter what way you style it, it still isn't attractive. Men on the other hand can use those little stubbly hairs to their advantage and those of us smart enough to do so will utilize its full potential.

Now, there are many different things a guy can do with his facial hair and sometimes they can say something about the type of person he is, but in most cases, never judge a dude by the way he shaves. For instance, I have the infamous chin strap, the small line of hair that grows down from my sideburns and into my beard, my beard being a patch of stubble on my chin that I always keep extremely short. I also have an almost-mustache which is actually just stubble that I don't fully shave off. Some guys do a clean shave on the rest of their face to make the chin line stand out more but I never do a clean shave anymore, opting to leave the five o'clock shadow which turns into a 48 hour shadow before roughly shaving it again. There, now you sort of have a mental picture and I can explain how and why I do this, which may help you understand the personality myths behind facial hair.

Chinstraps equal douchebags. Sometimes, yes. Just like sometimes a girl with big boobs means she's a bimbo. I started growing my facial hair this way back in my junior year of high school, this was around 2000. You may think that's a long time to have the same facial hair, and it is but I've tried changing it and even getting rid of it for a whole year, the thing is, without the chinstrap to separate my face from my neck I look about 40 pounds heavier. I weigh around 200 or so, I don't want to look any bigger than that so I keep the hairline. I've always had a thick neck, suits don't fit me very well up there. When I shave off my facial hair, I look like a little kid. I have nothing against taking off a few years but not THAT many. Oddly enough, I've found that the guys who clean shave their face, leave the chin strap, and shave off the mustache as well, they do tend to be douchebags, I do not believe it has anything to do with their facial hair but maybe this look does possess some form of magical powers. I would doubt it though.

I've found that facial hair is typically used to cover something up but it isn't usually some flaw in a guy's personality, it's usually just age, bad skin, pimples, something they can easily disguise. Some girls like a clean shave, some like a little stubble, some even like a full-on beard but I doubt that one's too popular among the fairer sex. If your man has bad skin, you may want to suggest some stubble, see if it fits him. Some guys just can't grow facial hair in all areas and it looks bad. Some of it even grows in red which would look really strange, unless of course he's a viking and it goes well with his enormous sword and shield. It's really something a guy has to experiment with and once he finds the right look, he has to own it rather than let the look own him. All blondes don't look like sluts, it's about how they carry themselves, the same can be said for men's preference in facial hair.

One more thing before we go, old fashioned razors with shaving cream and water work absolutely no better than electric razors. That's a myth and some men just don't want to change their ways. Have your guy try it, they're quite cheap nowadays, I think the one I'm using now was like $15 and it has 6 different attachments and a neat little charging station for it. Without my electric razor I'd never be able to get the stubbly look I sport, I'd have to shave it all down every few days and wait a day or two for it to grow back in. The different sized attachments allow for infinite options and make it easy to adjust the length of any facial hair you want to change, the beard and sideburns for example should always always always be well maintained to avoid looking like the homeless guy hanging around outside of the grocery store being asked to move by the police because he's creeping out customers. That's not a good look to have, and it'd be embarrassing to explain to the officers that you do indeed have a home and are just waiting for your girlfriend to check out. My advice, have him ditch the shaving cream, stop cutting himself, and experiment a little with those pesky hairs that can change the way he looks with a few simple swipes of a buzzer. Just make sure he cleans up after himself because those hairs are known to travel some distance. I swear, how they end up a few feet away on the back of the toilet I will never understand.

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