Friday, August 12, 2011

Face-Off Friday; Teen Choice Awards Ugly: The Worst of the Worst

As yet another way to switch up Face-Off Friday I've decided to combine today's post on the Ugliest of fashions at the Teen Choice Awards with my regularly scheduled Face-Off Friday Post. Please let me know who you think is the worst of the worst out of the Top 6 picks by Mr. Dudesday and myself. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

My first pick unfortunately is Emma Stone. I love Emma to pieces, I think she's an amazing actress and so cute and adorable too. She's really coming into her own fashion-wise and I always like to see what she's going to wear. Sadly, I was disappointed at the Teen Choice Awards. We all know Emma's a pale girl but the white dress only made it all the more noticeable, come on, her legs are almost the same color as the material. That's whiter than even me. I'm not saying she needs to tan, I just think she could benefit from a different color dress. I like the rose gold color on her detailing and I think that color would make a really pretty dress for her. WTH is up with the black strip though? Can't get on board with this outfit but I do love her newly reddened hair and her pretty makeup.

Even though I thought Tyra meerly missed the mark Matt thought she was aiming for a whole 'nother target with her look. Listen to what he has to say about it.

I like Tyra, I really do, so I tried and tried but couldn't find anything redeemable about this, this, outfit. Well, no, I guess if she were managing a wrestler in the early 90's who had a bumblebee look going on then this might work. But even then, it'd have to be tight enough not to bunch up and is it just me or should that zipper be on the back so we don't have to see it? Her heels are kinda cool and I like the purse but her hair isn't doing it for me either. I'm not sure what would posses her to wear this in public. But I hear people don't like Anne Hathaway's Catwoman outfit for the new Batman movie so maybe Tyra was trying to show us how it should be done. Just looked it up, Hathaway's is slightly better.

Secondly, I've got to mention Nikki Reed's weird patterned maxi dress. I thought this look was more appropriate for the beach or lounging poolside. I know the TCA are casual but not that casual. I don't particularly care for her hair but her makeup was cute and simple. The whole look would have been better with a more fitted gown or one with a less in your face beachy pattern.

Matt's got Zooey Deschanel up there on his list and I have to agree. My beef is mainly with the orthopedic shoes and the horrible print but I'll let him give you the details.

Yep, the shoes are awful. The pattern is awful, it looks like she's naked with way too little fishnet poorly covering her pale body. If she's pretty then this picture certainly isn't capturing it because I'm not feeling her lips or hair either. I just couldn't find anything good to say about Zooey's look here, sorry. Ugh, I'm just glad to move on.

Lastly for me is Kourtney Kardashian. She's a cutie and as much as I love cobalt blue I'm really not feeling this maternity-esque dress. If she really were preggers that would be one thing. This is not hot. I'm not a huge fan of dresses that are shorter in the front and longer in the back but this takes the look to a whole different level with the mini dress under a sheer panel so you have two short layers in the front, one short one in the back and a long one bringing up the rear. No!

Your last option for Face-Off Friday is Demi Lovato. I thought Demi's dress was cute despite the long train but apparently Matt has different ideas.

Hmmm. Maybe, no. Hmmm. Okay so I don't know what tell you. Maybe my wife is right and I do change my mind about what I do and don't like. While I am certainly not a fan of this dress I wouldn't go so far as to say it's ugly, now Emma Stone's on the other hand, that one is truly horrible. But I wanted to add a little variety and choose three that weren't on Jaime's list. The only thing I find really bad about this look is the funky train/tail thing she's got going on. I don't like yellow but the color actually looks good on her and her hair and makeup are beautiful. If they treated this dress like a rottweiler and clipped off the tail, it would have gone unmentioned and been easily forgotten. I say leave the dog's their tails and snip a little fabric off Demi's dress. And if the eating disorder stuff is true then good for her for looking so good at the awards, she looks healthy and certainly has a better body than most models out there. Well, that's it for this time. I hope I'm invited back to do this again. Thanks for reading.


  1. Your picks for worst-dressed were dead on. I was the most disappointed with what Zooey Deschanel wore - she usually looks so cute! :(

  2. Thanks! Zooey is so cute, I love her funky style and I think that's what she was going for with this one. She just missed the mark.

  3. Much appreciated! Zooey is so adorable, I cherish her hip style and I surmise that is the thing that she was running for with this one. She simply came up short.

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