Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Josie Maran Bronzing Argan Oil

We all wanna be bronze sometimes just check out yesterdays post for proof. Although I'm content being pale most of the time, sometimes I want a little help in that department. Bronzers have come a long way since they really hit mainstream and now you can find almost any shade, finish and texture easily and affordably but Josie Maran thought of one I'd never seen elsewhere, Bronzing Argan Oil.

When I first started this blog I opened with a post about my Sephora purchase (you can read it here), a holiday present for myself, and I said I'd post a review on those items. That never happened. Now that business has picked up I thought I could share the good news with you all. This stuff is amazing. I love it! Not only is it hydrating but now you can purchase the bronzing formula for a little added color year round. I love that too!

The original Argan Oil is amazing and my mini bottle has lasted me since the shipment arrived in November. I use such a small drop and it does the job without leaving me greasy. You can use this on your face, your body, even your hair (though I'd skip using the bronzing version on the hair, especially if you're blonde). The $52 price tag may sound steep but it really is a miracle in a bottle and you can always try the $14 mini version of the original (bronzing is not available in the mini). It's lightweight but immensely hydrating, fun and easy to use and best of all it's natural.

If you're in the market for a new moisturizer and you have dry skin like me this is a godsend. In the summer it's just enough hydration for night use and come winter I like to slather this on, let it soak in and apply moisturizer on top but if you're oily or normal/combination skinned you will probably only need this one product.

Also check out the Matchmaker Argan Oil foundation. This stuff is packed with Argan Oil so it's hydrating and will be absolutely perfect once colder weather hits (not that we're actually wishing for it)! The cool thing about this is that the shade morphs into your perfect match. Honestly, when I've tried similar products in the past I was amazed at how well they actually matched my skintone, although it was pretty hard to find one that came light enough for me. This is probably something I'd have to play around with at Sephora first, which is great because it's a Sephora exclusive.


  1. *Like* Thanks for sharing! :) nice tips

  2. I definitely have to try the bronzing version.