Monday, August 22, 2011

Mascara Monday Wrap Up: Part I

You know, I'm sad to see Mascara Mondays end. It's been a long time since I've worn a mascara for more than a week at a time but there were a few that were my definite favorites. I'd like to share with you my requirements for a great mascara and which of the mascaras I tried made the cut. I'll give each one a grade and tell you my favorites. Since there are so many, I'll be back next week with Part II!

First of all over the course of this experiment I figured out a few things I didn't even know I needed from my mascara. I love them dark black (duh, who doesn't) but I also learned that I prefer the wet look, shiny patent lashes. It makes my eyes look more alive and also leaves my lashes feeling less dry and brittle, something I learned I can't live with in a mascara. I can't tolerate products that I have to pile on for volume or those that are too thick to begin with. I like something lightweight, almost weightless on my lashes. If it's too heavy, I can feel it and my eyes fatigue more easily. I'll leave you a link to each individual review for reference (the name of the item is the link to my post and the other link will take you to purchase the product).

Korres Abyssinia Oil Mascara Grade=A. This wonderful Korres mascara was the first that I reviewed way back in November. I was so excited about the way it made my lashes feel. They were soft and hydrated but the mascara still did a great job making me look fabulous. Unfortunately, I can't find it on the Sephora website or at so if you find it, hoard it. This is definitely on my TOP 5.

CoverGirl LashBlast was and still is my favorite drugstore mascara. I love the huge tube, although I'm sure for some it's too much. I never have to search my makeup bag for this one. Overall, after trying all these prestige brands I would rate LashBlast (in the traditional orange tube) a B+. It gives me great volume, length and curl, doesn't clump and the formula is always patent leather pretty. The price is right for this one and it's the only formula I've EVER purchased more than once.

Maybelline Great Lash- This mascara is not one of my favorites. Diplomatically speaking, it's not for me in DOC-speak I'll be blunt, it sucks. The puny brush does nothing for me, I find my lashes are dry and brittle and I get very little volume and length. The only good thing this has going for it is the really cheap price. Grade=D.

Another drugstore favorite is Revlon Grow Luscious. While I never used it continuously to find out if my lashes did grow lusciously I did like the mascara on it's own. Again my lashes were soft and not brittle and there were no clumps in sight. Someday I'll have to give this mascara a real go and see if I notice any growth! Grade=B. This one also has a great price point at only $5.99!

Rimmel Maxx Volume Flash (pink tube)- This wasn't the best mascara I tried but it certainly wasn't the worst, that honor goes to Great Lash! Overall, I would say that Maxx Volume Flash gets a grade of C-. I didn't dig the tiny clumps but j'adore the patent leather shine. I don't think I would repurchase but you can buy it here.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara- If it sounds like a con and walks like a con, it's a con. I cannot see buying a seperate mascara just for bottom lashes, it's not going to happen for this beauty girl, in fact, sometimes I don't even apply mascara to those tiny baby lashes! Since I didn't actually try this one I can't grade it, if you tried it you simply must tell me how you like it. I do like that it's only $10.

Buxom Lash- This is another of my TOP 5! I'm absolutely in love with the shiny lashes hypnotizing me in the mirror. The wand is far superior to most and I got insane definition and volume, two things that usually aren't found in the same tube. While I don't exactly enjoy the $19 price tag I would definitely say it was worth it. I would absolutely purchase this one again, no questions asked. Grade=A+

Benefit BADGal Lash- Benefit makes one of my favorite mascaras, another TOP 5 contender. Again this one is all about the big brush but instead of the rubberized version in LashBlast, this one is a fiber brush. This brand gives me the perfect amount of volume without any clumps or smears. I love that these come in a mini size so you can try it out without too much of a commmittment. Here's the full size, here's the mini. The big guns are $19, the mini $9.

Clinique High Impact Mascara- One of my major pet peeves with mascara is when they are too heavy on the lashes. I suffered from a medical condition a few years back that resulted in pressure behind my eyes that made my head hurt all the time and this heavy formula left me with the same feeling. My lashes were so weighed down that my eyes wanted to be closed all the time and I could instantly feel the difference as soon as I put this product on. It could just be me but I haven't had too much of a problem before so I'd doubt it. This mascara deserves a D+, the great low price giving it a much needed boost out of F territory!

Lancome Definicils- Another of my least favorite I found major problems with the non-black color. I passed these minis on to my mom, I didn't even want them around anymore. I can't tolerate a mascara that claims to be black but isn't, that's just wrong in this girl's world. Harsh? Maybe. Still, I had other problems with this one as well, namely the the clumpy look. This one gets an F+ (do those even exist?) not only for it's pigmentation and performance but for the exorbitant $25 sticker shock. Don't waste your money.

Overall, you've seen three of my favorites and a vast majority of my least favorite. As you can see they run the gamant from super cheap to pretty pricey, I think the difference between Great Lash and Definicils is about as vast of a price difference as you can get, although both were less than stellar performers. Check back next week for Part II.

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