Thursday, August 11, 2011

Teen Choice Awards: The Bad

Ah, the Teen Choice Awards and the bad outfit choices that go with them. By DOC definition a Bad outfit (as apposed to an Ugly one) is one that could have been Good but veered off course somehow. Colors (as we'll see here), pattern and fit are possible reasons for an outfit to go from Good to Bad. As we did yesterday Matt, Mr. Dudesday Tuesday, and I will both discuss our choices for the Bad List. Mr. Dudesday is at work right now so his commentary will come in the form of an edit later this evening, sorry for the disappointment.

Again there was one Bad outfit we could both agree on, the beautiful Kaley Cuoco. As both of us are huge fans of Big Bang Theory (although without an operational TV we haven't kept up with this season) we wanted to see Kaley looking great. In my opinion this dress could have been okay if she ditched the last third of it or if the skirt portion was only one tier. I love the bodice and the sheer white sparkle but I felt like she could have looked better. I'm digging the makeup and the hair is okay.

Well, everything I have to say about this dress was already said, even down to not being able to watch this season due to a lack of TV reception. But again, the dress is almost gorgeous, if only a good portion of it weren't there. I as well love her makeup and the hair is cool too, something different from what we're used to seeing Penny rock on Big Bang Theory. That's it, someone get me a pair of scissors, I'm hemming that bad boy.

My second addition to the list is Blake Lively. I love Blake, I really do, but I'm not a fan of this yellow leather dress on her. As mentioned above sometimes it's simply the color that throws this list together and Ms. Lively would have looked HOT had she chosen a different color. As a personal preference I don't actually like yellow on blondes, I feel it makes the hair, skin and clothing all too similar of a shade and really looks boring and flat. The leather hugs her curves in all the right places and as always Blake's makeup is lovely. I'm not sure how I feel about the hair and the matronly shoes aren't doing it for me. I think this whole look would have been elevated if the dress were colbalt or emerald.

While I almost put Fergie on the best dressed list, Matt didn't dig the yellow and black dress she was wearing. Let him tell you all about it on his edit.

No I'm not a fan of Fergie but I wouldn't wish that kind of death upon anybody, I mean who would want to die by a million stars bombarding their dress in great big black and yellow explosion? And on top of that she has sleeves. It's summer! There's plenty of time for long sleeves come winter. But I do have to say that if hugs her body perfectly and it is refreshing to see a girl who isn't striving for a skeletal look. If she ditched the hideous stars, or even if they were more realistic rather than looking like a child's sketchpad, I would have loved this outfit, of course she'd have to hack the sleeves off too. If it were all black then Fergie would have easily made it onto my top three list.

Lastly, rounding out my Bad 3 is Tyra Banks. Wow! Tyra certainly has the body for a leather bustier jumpsuit. I can tell you right now I could never pull it off but I think Tyra missed the mark a little bit. I'm sure leather is pretty hard to alter but the ill fit of this outfit definitely brings the whole style down. The end of the zipper area is especially unflattering to her torso and I'm really not enjoying the blast of yellow at the top, if it was lacy and appeared to be a strapless bra peeking out that would be hella cool, this just looked like a last ditch effort to conceal some of Ms. Banks ample cleavage. I don't like the hairstyle (and hello! it's a weave or a wig so she could have gone for something a little cuter) and the bunching at the ankles completely kills the look she was going for with the matching heels.

Even though I thought Kim Kardashian looked cute I'll leave it up to him to tell you why she made his Bad List.

I was scrolling down the page to see the picture for my next pick and wondered how this gorgeous dress ended up on the list. Kept scrolling down and then I saw the black puffy feathery looking thing below her waistline and was instantly reminded. Although the original Kardashian looks stunning, it's that lower half of the dress that I just can't stand. I'm not usually a fan of her hair when it's up but even that looked good, mostly because of her makeup but the look all seemed to blend together perfectly. If someone got that girl some peep toes and plucked her lower half she also would have been one of my top picks. And again, I have to give it to her for actually eating and showing off her curves.

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