Wednesday, August 31, 2011

VMAs 2011: The Ugly

Sorry for the late post but here it is today! Hope you love to hate just as much as I do.

I know all the little girlies love him but Justin Bieber (I always want to type Beiber but i before e except after c, right?) looks awful and I find that he usually does. First of all, he thinks he's freakin' Kanye (who I also despise) but he's not. I personally think men (not that you can call him that) should NEVER wear skinny jeans, especially not ones that are slung so low ass crack would be visible leaving you with a crotch between the kneecaps. Matt wears his baggy pants low and I have no problem with that, just tight fit pants need to be worn at the waist, hips or NOT AT ALL. Also, as the originator of red pants (circa 2002) I have to say that I hate to see people disgrace my trademark so carelessly. I'm digging the new-ish shorter hair, the glasses, the tee and blazer but the gold accessories and the leopard high tops have got to go. Better luck next time Biebs!

I know Katy's going for quirky with this Versace costume (that's the only thing I can call it) but I can still say it's downright ugly. I'm not really getting this look, it's too corny to be cool and not cute enough to be called kooky, I just don't get it. I love when Katy wears something a little more mainstream but in a funky pattern, texture or material. Can't wait to see what she's going to wear next though.

Speaking of what they'll wear next I have to point out Nicki Minaj's outfit. It's so freaking weird but truly adorable. I see this as a Halloween costume for a three year old or something, not for a grown woman.

Two ladies in similar looks who both missed the mark are Selena Gomez (who I heard was wearing someting risque, although I don't see that) and Kelly Roland both in black lace. If you've read my posts before you know that I'm not really into black lace. Maybe it's because my mother's "funeral" dress had black lace sleeves and it brings up bad memories for me. She'd only wear it when we were going to funerals and it just wasn't pretty. Kelly's isn't so much lace as it is just sheer material. I have to admit it looks a hell of a lot better on her dark skin that it would on my pasty white ass. I don't like the gold detailing but I am digging the feathers, so fun! BTW, I think I liked her better before the implants and that look certainly would have been better with such a lowcut dress.
Selena's look is just too costume-y to me, in a way that wasn't intended to be kooky like Katy Perry. All I can see is the Adam's Family, is that wrong? I'm not usually a fan of mullet dresses either. Selena has been doing so great lately, I hope she steps her game back up soon.

Last from this years VMAs is Miley Cyrus in Roberto Cavalli. I think Miley is gorgeous and I love her hair and makeup here. This dress didn't just miss the mark it completely aimed at a different target. The color scheme is pretty, I love me some black and gray, but the multiple patterns are just odd. If they'd stuck with one pattern like cute animal print I might have liked it. I don't like semi-casual dresses that are long like this with the exception of cotton-esque maxi dresses. It might be low in the back but there isn't enough skin showing elsewhere to keep me interested, not with the long sleeves, floor length hem and high neckline. Pass on this one.

I can't wait for the Emmy's in a few weeks so I can share those fashions with you!

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