Thursday, September 1, 2011

Your Wish Is My Command.... The Hottest Nail Trends

Since Ashley was the first to comment on my giveaway I'm going to go ahead and do this post on her suggestion, the hottest nail trends.

I'm not really one to follow the trends of the nail polish world. Shatter and crackles are cool but it's not really a look for me, at least not right now. Maybe boredom will kick in and I'll be all over those babies come the middle of what is sure to be a hellish winter, who knows.

As you can see above in the image (that is Beyonce by the way) the current nail trend is a multicolored mani. Back in the days before Androids and iPhones Blackberry manicures were all the rage, where you painted just your thumbs a different color. This look has morphed a little bit and now the different color nail is usually on the ring finger. This would be an amazing look if you are engaged, especially if you wanted to wait to see if people noticed the ring. You can draw attention to it and dare people not to notice your beautiful bling. How fun is that?

You can use any color combination but personally I think it looks best with colors in the same shade intensity like Beyonce's brights, similar darks or barely there light shades. I think a dark gray mani with a silver accent finger would be amazing. You can even switch it up by using a crackle topcoat on one nail or even do a matte manicure and leave one nail shimmery. The possibilities are endless with this one so tell me, are you going to try it out? If you do I want to see pictures!

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