Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday : Hair Color

Okay, confession time. I have white hairs, more than I'd like to admit. I want to color them but that doesn't go over so well, they just look blond which really show up in my dark brown hair. The thing is, I'm a guy, so I can really dye my hair to look like it's natural color. It's either that or bleach it circa Eminem a decade ago or go with some strange color that would make everyone stare. Luckily for you as a woman, don't really have to worry about that. Girls dying their hair is not only acceptable but pretty much expected.
No one is ever happy with the way they look and one of the easiest things to change about yourself is your hair. Girls with dark hair like to go blond and blond girls tend to want a darker shade. Straight hair should be curly and girls with curls want to straighten it. Here's the thing, your hair will be gorgeous no matter what you do with it. But please keep these few things in mind because even guys notice these flaws.
When coloring your hair, be consistent. No one likes to see the roots, especially if you have dark hair and you're dying it lighter. Slightly visible roots without much of a color difference can actually be kind of sexy, like here with Jessica Simpson, whereas the drastic change Taylor Momsen is sporting looks kind of trashy.
Don't keep switching colors, at least not drastically, subtle changes are less noticeable and appear more natural. Stick with actual hair colors, unless of course you're a punk rock chick in which case go for the blues and pinks. If you dye your hair, don't do it a solid color, adding some highlights will make it prettier and more realistic. Another thing to keep in mind is the color of your eyebrows because yes, guys notice, well most of us. If you're naturally a blond and go with a darker shade, it's not a good idea to leave your eyebrows light, it just looks off. Scarlett almost pulls it off here but not quite, all it would take was a slightly different shade on either her eyebrows or hair.
Most men find longer hair attractive so you're probably better off not cutting it too short but if you do, honestly, most guys have absolutely nothing against extensions. I'm pretty sure no matter what color it is, men will love it. In my experience there isn't really one color more popular than the others except of course the stereotype about men loving blonds. I've always found that one to be false which isn't to say that men don't like blond girls, it's just that they love brown, black and redheads as well. Really any style is attractive whether it's in a simple ponytail or extravagant braid. Basically, guys are easy to impress when it comes to your hair, so do whatever you find pretty, honestly, most of us will agree.


  1. I really love short hair lol! I always keep mine short. Anyway very nice post thanks for sharing!


  2. DaphYin- your hair isn't TOO short. It definitely suits your face shape and dramatic makeup. I love the cut on you.