Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday: Tattoos On Women

Tattoos. It seems like everyone has them, men and women, hell even kids are getting them as soon as they possibly can. People who can barely afford to pay their bills are more than willing to shell out over a hundred dollars for one. I can’t count the number if girls I see walking around with a pair of ass antlers more commonly referred to as tramp stamps. The question is, do men like women getting inked?

Sorry, but there’s no clear cut answer here. Some men like it, some don’t. Some like big intricate in your face tattoos and some like cute little hidden ones that aren’t visible to the world. If anything, I have noticed they are excellent conversation starters. There are a few general stereotypes that go along with tattoos on women though and the one you should know about is; the more tattoos, the easier she is. Of course this is not an accurate way to judge the sluttiness of a girl but it’s a stereotype for a reason.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind before you get a tattoo. Most importantly is to make sure you actually want it, don’t get it for any reason other than wanting it for yourself. Make sure your tattoo can be covered up because sometimes they just aren’t appropriate. And maybe this is just a personal pet peeve of mine but please do not get a cross if you are not religious, get one that means something to you on a personal level. And last but certainly not least, if you’re going to get ink put on your body for the rest of your life, make sure it looks good.

Keep in mind, men love the female body. Always have and always will. They were painting nude pictures of women before we had cameras to take pictures of them. A lot of men don’t want to see markings all over those beautiful bodies, quite honestly, from a distance they usually look like moles or some kind of dis-figuration. I find that men tend to respect women more who do not have tattoos, or at least no visible ones. Make sure it’s meaningful, artistic and worth altering your beautiful body for.

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