Thursday, September 22, 2011

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush

You may remember a while back I told you about Tigi Rockaholic Dry Shampoo. It's still my favorite but I wanted to branch out and give some other brands a try. I knew ahead of time that my vacation spot has the softest water on the planet and leaves my hair with residue even after a deep clean. Seriously, as a girl who can wash her hair once a week and still look fine I'm never impressed with the greasy hair on day two that I get here. So sad when I'm thinking about getting a condo there in the future! Luckily I've started my experimenting early so by the time I make the move in a few years time I'll hopefully have figured out a regimen that works.

Batiste's dry shampoo
is probably one of the more talked about products out there in this category. I've never tried any products from the brand so I didn't know what to expect, all I knew was that they had a free travel bottle with the purchase of a bigger bottle. SOLD!

I gave this a try right away. I'd planned on taking a shower Sunday night but with all the last minute planning I did there was no way that was happening. Come Monday my hair was a little worse for wear and I wanted it to look pretty. Upon purchashing this I actually used it in the car as Mr. Dudesday was trying to eat. Ooops. I don't think I spoiled his BK too badly. This product doesn't have an overpowering smell like I was expecting so that was nice. It only has a slight white floral scent but honestly it's just fresh instead of noticeable.

Today I tried it again on my incredibly greasy hair (I put conditioner on my ends last night after my bath). I took my hair out of it's requisite bun and spread it out a little bit. Taking the can I pressed LIGHTLY on the button. If you push too hard you get too much product and it can turn your hair white and make for a lot more brushing out. Honestly even on my super dark hair I had no problem blending it in even when I used too much. If you're worried that you can't master it they also have a colored version as well as the regular and "refresh" versions. With my hair in this state I can't say I would go outside but it definitely looked and especially felt better than it did before. I also find that my hair looks better behaved and my flyaways lay down a little better after I use this stuff. How is that for great?

Overall my hair feels a lot better after using this product and if I slick it back up into a bun it looks healthy and shiny not greasy and grimy. Does that make sense? It wouldn't replace a good shampoo but it can extend it for a day. I think it would be great if you "accidentally" had a sleepover so keep the mini in your bag next to that spare pair of undies and your mini toothbrush.

The price is right on this one it's only $7.99 and like I said I got a free mini with mine at Ulta but I don't see that offer online.

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