Sunday, September 4, 2011

Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

A few years back I become completely obsessed with Garnier Skincare. Imagine the smell of their hair products dialed down for the skin. It's amazing. I absolutely love the slight fruity scent of everything in the line. It's light so it won't irritate even sensitive skin like mine. I had absolutely no stinging from the scent whatsoever, pretty rare in the winter months for a girl like me.

Now that summer is over (I know, wahhhhh) it's time to repair any damage you might have done to your skin. I know for me it's all about rehydrating before the dip in temperature leaves me a dry mess. When I was younger I didn't have this problem, now that my skin is dry year round I'm kinda wishing my biggest issue was a severe case of the greasies in the summer.

If you didn't fully protect yourself this summer you may be paying the price with dark spots that seemed to crop up from nowhere. Garnier Skincare definitely has you covered with their Clinical Dark Spot Correcter. I'm happy to report that I don't need this one this year, my skin is actually pretty even toned although I have a few freckles year round that I happen to love.

If you want to lighten the dark spots without stripping your skin this is the product for you. Using the power of antioxidant Vitamin C it breaks up bigger spots until they've faded completely. As usual make sure to wear SPF coverage during the day to keep those spots from returning.

I've had such great success with some of the products in the line that I'm mourning them now that they've been discontinued. Hopefully you'll see a post on that fairly soon.

What do you think, freckles hot or not? Opinions always welcome.

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