Thursday, September 22, 2011

eos Lip Spheres in Strawberry Sorbet

I know we've talked about these babies before but I think they bear repeating and it is, afterall, my site!

Now that the weather is getting colder it's time to get that lip balm out and attach it to your hip. While eos lipsheres aren't the best for toting in your pocket (that honor would go to my beloved blue Blistex) they are great for the makeup bag and purse. The round shape makes them so easy to find.

I had to share these with you again because I just got around to picking up the Strawberry Sorbet "flavor" and am keeping it firmly by my side as the weather starts to get cooler and my lips inevitably flake and peel into oblivion. Ick!

The scent on this one is subtle and it has no flavor but the pink ball is perfect for all you girlie girls. It'll even look good on your desk at work. I'm telling ya pick one up before I have to yell at you. I found mine at Ulta.

I like these best after you've used them a couple times and the balm isn't as rounded, I find them to be less waxy that way.


  1. Oooo!!! I have the summer fruit one but I might need to get this one! xxxoooo

  2. I actually like the summer fruit one a little bit better than this one! Summer fruit has more scent/flavor.