Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Philosophy Purity Made Simple and DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Yesterday I promised a post on my current skincare regime and I was not about to flake on that promise. Today we'll be focusing on my current favorite cleansers with future posts on moisturizers, exfoliators and treatment products like masks and acne products.

You know there are the "right" things you're supposed to use on your skin. You may have heard Cetaphil over and over again in the press but I didn't like the milky consistency of this product, I wanted something with a little more lather that was still simple and bare bones. Enter Philsophy's Purity Made Simple. This cleanser is it, the holy grail of gentle yet affective cleansing. The simple scent doesn't irritate my skin but I don't find it particularly pleasing either. It's not gross just a slightly herbal scent that does nothing for me, somewhere between cucumber and dirt. I'm hyperaware of scents in products and even I can barely smell this one, I just picked up on it when I was looking for it.

I love the lather I get with this one and my skin is left feeling clean but not stripped. Hours later, even without moisturizer, my skin is still silky smooth. You can't get much better than that! And since a pea sized dab is all you need a bottle will last you quite a while. Best of all you can get a 3oz bottle for $10, a steal with such a luxury product. 3 oz might not sound like a lot but I assure you in cleanser you'll be able to ration this stuff without missing out.

When I'm in dire need of a deep clean without drying out my already dry skin I like to start with DHC Deep Oil Cleanser. I know, I know, it sounds scary but really, I swear on my life it's not. Oil cleanser is actually great for oily skintypes as well as dry. It dissolves makeup and leaves my skin soft and not at all greasy. Since I like to follow it up with my regular cleanser or a bit of exfoliator I swear you won't notice any leftover residue. At night I've been known to not finish up with another cleanser and therefore I have a little bit of oil left on my skin that sinks in by morning for a healthy complexion.

This product is also super affordable at just $4.95 for a 1 oz bottle. If you frequently wear a lot of makeup I definitely recommend that you look into it for effective and gentle makeup removal. It allows you to skip the scrubbing and even works wonders on the eyes without clogging them with oily residue.

Now it's your turn. What do you use to cleanse your face? Do you have a different AM and PM regimen or do you stick with the same routine morning and night?

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