Friday, September 23, 2011

Face-Off Friday: Nina Dobrev

I hate to admit it but many of my favorite shows are starring teenagers or about teens/young adults and on the CW or ABC Family. I'm 26. Is that wrong? To be fair many of the actors are my age or older if that justifies it a little bit. Well, ever since Vampire Diaries started a couple years ago I've been fascinated. I'm not one to give into the vampire phenomenon, I had vowed not to see Twilight until I got free tickets and I caved. I'm cheap! Don't get me wrong I love supernatural stuff and I love the show Supernatural for reasons beyond Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. I didn't have high hopes for Vampire diaries but what can I say Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley captivate me and Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola and Kat Graham are amazing actresses. I watched the first half of Season One while on the elliptical during the reruns that ran all week long in December!

Today I want to focus on the gorgeous Nina Dobrev. I love her dark hair, nearly black eyes and pale skin. She's so striking and a little less cookie cutter than the normal blonde-blue eyed starlet. I have a thing for brown hair-brown eyes, those are usually the prettiest girls to me with the exception of the beautiful Candice Swanepoel (my fave model). I can't say I've ever seen her looking bad but there are times when I think she looks better than others especially now that she's back to a healthier weight. Take a look at the next two pictures and let me know what you think.

In this one she's looking completely age appropriate in jeans and a tee. I hate to say it but I abhor high top sneakers on girls, especially when they are loose and floppy. It seems to be a street trend that I can't get away from. I used to see it all the time when I lived in CT and now it seems to be making it's way mainstream, especially here in Maine where we're always 2 years behind the times. Nina looks pretty and exactly as someone her age should but I think that I like her better in the next pic, all glammed up.

This is an example of when Nina was a little on the thinner side. While I don't prefer that look on her (I'm not judging!) I love her all spiffed up. She got major attention after this event when many people didn't even know who she was. Her bone structure is so great that she looks awesome with her hair up. Most important of all she has good posture on the red carpet unlike some stars out there like Miley Cyrus. She looks confident, self-assured and like she belongs there. I wish I had half the poise she does. Maybe she'll teach me.

PS- I hope you caught TVD (cause VD is something else entirely) last night. I'm definitely going to be downloading it and last week's episode plus a few from the end of last season that I missed. And... in a case of total randomness Bury Me Alive by We Are the Fallen is up next on my shuffled playlist, a song they featured on the show that you need to check out if you like rock music.

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