Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jesse's Girl Baked Eye Shadow Collection with Swatches

Take a look at this beautiful collection. I think baked eyeshadows are my favorite because of the subtle shimmer in them. MAC makes some pretty great ones but you don't have to shell out that kind of money to rock this look. This Jesse's Girl Baked Eye Shadow Collection is from Rite-Aid (also in New Hampshire) and cost me $6.99. Yeah, you heard that right. As you can see there are 9 beautiful colors to choose from and I think they are universally flattering for both cool and warm and light and dark skin. They're gorgeous. Here are some swatches so you can see for yourself.

The first shadow is a medium purple based blue. The good thing about baked shadows is that you can wear them as sheer or built up as you want to. This would look beautiful lightly applied or worn as a darker shade. The pale pink is a gorgeous color for all. I normally can't wear pinks but this one looks like it will look great without making me look like I'm suffering from pinkeye. The light green has a slight goldish tint. I'd wear this one as liner with a matte nude on the lids. Last in this picture is my favorite shade, a lavender that has the perfect intensity. It perfectly matches the shirt I'm wearing right now if I wanted to go the matchy-matchy route.

This orange shade is probably the least flattering for me but the light rust shade would look glorious with the last color in this picture for a sunrise eyeshadow. Second is similar to the first color in the image above but without the purple, this one is a clear blue. If you're looking for an instant eye brightener pick up the shimmery nude that's third in this picture. It really makes the eyes look alive and would work amazingly with a bolder lip. I swear it's not as coppery as it looks in the picture. If you're more into nude gloss try the black shade, it's perfect for a smoky eye, not too dark but deep enough to be flattering. Lastly is a gorgeous cranberry shade. Again, I know this shade is not the most flattering for my skintone but sheered out I could wear it as a wash or even a blush.

If you're still on the fence about baked shadows you should pick up this palette. If it doesn't work for you you're not out too much money and I'm sure someone would be willing to take it off your hands. Plus, it's beautiful to look at. If you want something more intense layer it over eyeshadow primer.

PS-I'm completely aware that my swatches went downhill. Shoot me! LOL.

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