Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

It should come as no surprise to most of you that I am not a Taylor Swift fan considering the music posts I have done on this site. I'm not a country girl at all and I wouldn't even be caught dead listening to the pop station, it's only programmed on the car radio for Mr. Dudesday to get his fix, I never ever stop there. However, it may also surprise you that I am hugely fascinated with Taylor's new scent Wonderstruck, to my knowledge her first perfume. Just as a side note this is not to be confused with Vera Wang Lovestruck which I talked about here.

Taylor looks beautiful in the ads and I don't normally think she pulls off the model look. Have you seen her Covergirl ads? Talk about unnatural, is anyone with me on this one? Back to the perfume, it's not just the ad that screams out my name but the bottle as well. The gorgeous purple and gold glass bottle is so me that it's almost ridiculous. I'd love to have it on my vanity. It'd perfectly match my purple bedroom makeover that I shall be posting on Drug of Choice Decor as soon as I get the site up and running.

Well it's all good to have a pretty ad and a gorgeous bottle but that means jack to anyone who is more of a fan of the perfume than the name on the bottle. I may have mentioned before how I can't tolerate certain scents. I don't know what it is but lower end perfumes have a tendency to give me a headache and even just a perfume strip in a magazine (like Wonderstruck sitting beside me as we speak) make my head pound. Avon's out, as is Victoria's Secret, which is a bummer since I love a lot of their scents. I've also found this to be the case with many lower end celebrity scents like Heidi Klum Shine, most Mariah Carey scents and now Taylor Swifts. It's the overly powdery topnote that brings the skull crusher on.

If you're more tolerant than me Taylor Swift Wonderstruck is "a charming and sparkling surprise of vibrant fruits, kissed by a bouquet of soft petals and a touch of sweet indulgence." I can definitely smell the fruits but I also get an overwhelming powdery floral scent that I can't quite place.

You have to tell me if you pick this one up. I'm dying to hear your reaction and to see if anyone else has the same problem as I do.


  1. Indeed she's beautiful in it! I love her red bold lips :) I've never been a fan of perfumes too and I always end up uttering endless sneezing if the scent is too 'smelly'... :P

  2. I just picked up two new perfumes that I can't wait to post about. I might even write one now.

  3. I already emptied three bottles of this perfumes since it's first launched! I really love the scent! :)

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