Friday, September 30, 2011

Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation

You've probably heard before that there are places to save money with your look and places to spend. Inexpensive eyeshadow and lipgloss are easy to come by but we've been told over and over to spend money on foundation and skincare to make us look our best. While I definitely think that you can find great foundation at the drugstore I do see the point with that philosophy. If your skin doesn't look it's best than the rest of your look is basically pointless. My favorite foundations do a pretty great job of making me look good but if I had unlimited income I'd definitely splurge for something a little higher end, something like Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation. At $42 I could probably buy 6 of my drugstore favorites but this is the real deal.

I was a little shocked when I tried this foundation because I didn't have high hopes for a shade light enough for me to wear. Of all the foundations and tinted moisturizers I tried at Ulta there were very few that actually worked with my skintone. That is one of the worst things about being so fair. Most shades are too dark and too yellow for me, I'm more pink than yellow. The lightest shade in this foundation is slightly yellowed but easily blendable and looks great blended out. I would say this was the closest color match I'd seen all day.

The foundation felt amazing on my skin and wore wonderfully. I had absolutely no problems with it alone or over primer. It is a medium to full coverage product but you can easily sheer it out if you need to. It felt slightly hydrating but didn't make my face shiny or slick. I think this foundation would be perfect for the winter months when I need something a little thicker for my dry skin. I highly suggest getting a sample of this one, it could be your holy grail foundation.

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