Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stila Smudgestick and Sparkle Liners

You have to forgive the crepey-ness around my eyes, I swear they don't normally look like that. I was tired, it was fairly early in the morning for me and I was on vacation! Ignore that and focus on the gorgeous liner shades I was dying to share with you.

The lower liner is Stila Smudgestick in Silver Dollar. My local-ish Ulta has plenty in stock but they seem to be sold out on Sephora's website and not available on Ulta's. It's a bummer. I'm definitely going to have to check back at Ulta and pick one up because I love them. That's the great thing about living in the middle of nowhere, nothing seems to sell out as fast but that also means we don't get the things when they are in demand. As for the liner this one has a good amount of shimmer but no actual sparkles. It truly looks metallic and I love it. If you're interested in the also Limited Edition gold shade be aware that it is a little too yellow on my fair and cool skin. There are plenty of other non-LE shades Triggerfish (gunmetal) and Purple Tang (purple) are my favorites. I think I could wear any of these comfortably. What I'm not comfortable with is the $20 price tag but I think I would splash out for Silver Dollar, I've never had a silver so pigmented.

On my upper lid I used Stila's Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Bora Bora. Isn't it pretty? As far as liquid eyeliners go this one has a pretty straight forward application. You can apply it right to the upper lashline. It takes a second to dry and in that time it's impossible to see, it feels kind of funny but it passes quickly. I'd compare it to feeling like you got an oily substance in your eyes and finally flush it out to get relief. Really, it's only a few seconds and if I can deal with it I think you can too, I'm pretty finicky like that.

I love every color in this line especially Royal (a bright royal purple, 'magine that), Curacao (a bright blueish purple), and Electric (bright green). Those brights are my favorite and they look amazing on my fair skin. They will look just as wonderful on dark skin and there are a variety of shades for everyone. At $22 they are a little pricey for my tastes but still awesome.

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  1. Wow the colours are gorgeous :D love the Silver Dollar best :)