Monday, October 10, 2011

Charlotte Ronson Cosmetics

If you follow fashion you've probably heard the name Charlotte Ronson. Her affordable line for JCPenney was a huge hit a few years ago and every celeb was wearing it. If you haven't heard of her you might have heard of her equally famous siblings, twin sister DJ Samantha (Lindsay Lohan's ex) and brother Mark, also a DJ. Now Charlotte has branched out into cosmetics and I couldn't be happier. I'm loving the look of her line and can't wait to check it out in person. Here are the deets.

A Perfect Kiss Lipgloss (as we've learned from Mr. Dudesday most men prefer to kiss bare lips but such is life). All the colors look sheer and wearable for every occasion. At $14 it's comparable to MAC and tastes like lemon mint in case you're sick of cupcakes and vanilla. I'm most excited for Sophia and I'm going to tell myself it was for Sophia Bush even though it's for Sophia Rossi from

The four shadow palettes are amazingly gorgeous, I think I'm in love with Dani. Dani is one of the character's names in a book I'm writing (well I've only written the first couple pages of this one but I've planned out the entire thing). If purples aren't your thing there are plenty of neutrals in the other three palettes. For only $22 any of them could be yours. Bonus, they supposedly adjust to your lighting to give you the perfect look morning, noon or night.

I'm a little less enthusiastic about the Closer Finishing Powder only because of the applicator. I've never been a fan of the brush style applicators because I've had absolutely ZERO success with them. Usually a couple clicks yields you no product so you keep clicking until you get a puff of powder in your face. This one self adjusts to your lighting as well and was inspired by Rashida Jones. If it can work for Charlotte and Rashida it can work on a variety of skintones. Good to know since some powders tend to be ashy on darker skin.

The 3x a Charm Luminizer, Blush and Bronzer in Soshanna reminds me of the Blush/Bronzer Trio by NARS. How cute. These shades are pretty universally flattering and you get all three for only $28. Great deal!

Liquid bronzer is one of my favorite types. It's a little more fun to work with and a little more natural on my dry skin. I can't wait to try A Summer's Kiss Face and Body Glow. This "summer in a bottle" product works on a variety of skintones and skintypes, is weightless and reflects just the right amount of light in any setting to make you look glorious.

Lastly, if you're in the mood for something for your hair and you're in the mood for boho loose waves you need to look into Charlotte's A Perfect Mess Beach Hair. As a curly girl I know the power of products to make your hair look just right and this is the perfect one to amp up straight or wavy locks to give them a beachy vibe. I've never tried anything like this on my curly hair but I'm curious. What about you?

Thinking about picking anything up? Let me know in the comments.

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