Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not Your Mother's Girl Powder Volumizing Hair Powder

Even though I have thick hair it can sometimes fall flat. Right now I'm desperately in need of a good trim and some layers, it restores bounce like nobody's business. My hair is waist long and my style can easily get dragged down with too many styling products, the wrong shampoo or even a bout of bad weather. What's a girl to do? Get yourself some Not Your Mother's Girl Powder Volumizing Hair Powder. I have heard great things about this wonder product.

What it is is a hair powder that you apply SPARINGLY at the roots, tousle into your strands and watch in amazement as it puffs up even the finest, flattest hair. Some say you'll have to get used to the texture it leaves on your hair but that's not something that would bother little ol' me. Plus, if you have hair of the silky variety you know how hard it can be to keep it in an updo. This product eradicates the need for 1000 bobby pins. It gives the hair unbeatable texture that keeps even the silkiest strands in place. Genius.

During the month of October, Not Your Mothers (such a cah-ute name!) is donating 10% from all sales of this genius product at to the Young Survivor's Coalition. That should put a smile on your face and if it doesn't maybe the fact that it's only gonna set you back $6 will! Go out there and be voluminous!

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