Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dudesday Tuesday: Why Guys Love Dumb Girls

It's something I'm sure you've noticed. It's probably pissed you off before, confused you, maybe even cost you a guy or a job you desperately wanted. So why do men seem to love dumb girls? Let me do my best to break it down for you.

For starters, men don't actually love the dumb ones, well, most of us don't. Generally speaking men want to screw the dumb ones, marry the smart ones. Dumb girls are easy or at least they appear to be at first glance. A smart woman won't typically sleep with a guy right away, they're too smart for that, too guarded to be defenseless enough to let some random man take them home and do with them as he pleases. The dumb one either doesn't have the brains to resist or the self confidence to realize she doesn't have to do that. Men want what's easy, for the night, but they want something more for life. The smart girl is going to be more difficult but worth it in the end so if he's not looking for something long term, odds are he's going after the chick with the lowest IQ.

Another big part of men liking dumb girls is the fact that it makes them feel better about themselves. Let's face it, most women are smarter, more practical, understanding and better multi-taskers than men. It can be quite intimidating. Well, the dumb ones are an exception. A lot of guys like to feel superior to women in some way. The dumb girls won't be smarter than the guy so he automatically has something over her and it's easy for him to make fun of her in order to make him feel better about himself. It's depressing but yes it happens all the time, even if it's behind her back or sometimes even inside of his own private thoughts but yes, he is thinking it. The dumb one will laugh at his jokes, even when they're not funny, mostly because she doesn't understand but laughs anyway. It's a great way to stroke his ego.

Basically, if he wants a stupid girl it's because he needs to feel better about himself. Sometimes it's for a night, sometimes for life due to some kind of mommy issue he should probably be on a couch across from a therapist for. If you're trying to get a man to take home for the night, play dumb. If you want him to marry you and start a family, smart is the way to go. Of course some of us find the incredibly stupid girls to be not only irritating but extremely sad as well, no matter the size of their hearts because some of them are sweet and otherwise very likable. So please remember, smart is always the way to go and if you find yourself playing dumb for the night, don't lose yourself in the charade. If he wants a dumb one, forget him, he's probably got more issues than you want to deal with anyway.

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