Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sephora Collection Color Flip Palette for Breast Cancer Research Foundation

I love to see the products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month every October. There are always some goodies but a lot stand out to me as being too expensive overall and/or not enough money going to the cause. If a company is making a donation based on sales then my measly purchase makes a difference, if it's the same amount no matter the sales, not so much. That's why I love Sephora's Color Flip Palette for BCRF. I've been wanting one of these charitable palettes for a while now. They are so cute it's pretty hard to resist them. They are small enough to permanently tuck in your favorite makeup bag without overwhelming the small space. This is also one that you cold leave on your bathroom counter and show it off.

I love it when palettes have pretty, universally flattering eyeshadows in an array of colors. I don't want to have to buy a palette targeted at my cool skin or one that is all neutrals, that's just not who I am. I like shimmer, color and flash and this palette has it all. There's also some great shimmery neutrals, shades for a perfect smoky eye and the requisite pink colors for BCA.

While I'm not a huge fan of palette lippies I do think they are a great way to try out colors you may not have considered before. It's not a big loss if they don't work out for you and you may even find a new favorite. I'm seeing a hot pink in there that I'm dying to take for a spin.

On the last tier of this palette there is a bright pink blush and a gorgeous gold highlighter. Both are perfect for all skintones. Brighter, yellow gold can be hard to pull off on my fair and pale skin but this one is closer in tone to champagne than lemonade. Bright pink is the quickest way to wake up your complexion and looks equally great on the very fair and the deep and dark.

This palette retails for $15 and $1 from every sale goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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