Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Premiere of Drug of Choice Music with 5FDP

Hey guys! I told you today was going to be exciting. If you're a rockaholic like me then shake a leg and get over to Drug of Choice Music and see my review for the new Five Finger Death Punch album American Capitalist. Even if you aren't take a look at my layout and the pretty work I did on the site. Stop by, say hello and follow me!

The goal is to eventually launch Drugofchoice.com with different sections for beauty, fashion, music, decor and various other items of interest but there was never a better day to launch the music section than 10.11.11, the day two of my favorite bands dropped their 3rd albums. Check back in on ThemeSong Thursday to see the other review and to find out just who I'm listening to non-stop between midnight Tuesday morning and post time Thursday AM. I think at least a few of you will be satisfied.

Have a great day everyone, I know I will.

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