Monday, October 17, 2011

My Essentials Monday: Johnson's Melt Away Stress Body Oil & Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil

Since so many of my favorite bloggers are doing the Johnson's Challenge it keeps one of my favorite Johnson's products right on the tip of my tongue all the time. I can't tell you the number of times I've left a comment on a blog for someone to try it out. I can't let another minute go without telling you all about it. Ready for it? Here goes....

Johnson's Melt Away Stress line is fabulous, the scent is so relaxing and I truly do feel like it melts away stress. They claim that it's a lavender and chamomile scent but I don't pick up too much of the lavender, a huge plus for me who is allergic. I love the body wash, the body lotion, the thicker nighttime lotion and most importantly the massaging body oil. I've never been a big fan before mostly because body oils tend to leave me greasy. I've got a few of Sephora's seemingly discontinued dry oil sprays that I love but before Johnson's Melt Away Stress and I had a love affair I never would have touched them. The few that I tried before just did not work for me. They left me feeling like I had just wrestled another chick in hot oil and lost badly. Thankfully this one sinks into my skin pretty quickly so I can get back to my life in no time flat.

That's not the only use for it either. It's great for massages whether you're doing your own or letting a special someone have the honors. Or, if you're anything like me, you might want to try adding it to the bath. It's not specifically made to be a bath oil but it works amazingly well. Add a few squirts to the tub full of hot water. It will keep your skin from drying out as quickly so you can luxuriate in there for hours like I do. Just be careful when you get out, it can get slippery, and make sure to rinse down the tub right after use or you'll be left with that telltale bath oil ring. Then be sure to slather yourself in the night cream for even more moisturization.

If you're more in the mood for romance than sleepy sleep definitely check into Jo Malone's Red Roses Bath Oil. The seven types of roses are mixed with other ingredients to give them a perfect smell that is not overpowering on the senses. The complementary candle (perfect for the girl who likes to keep it coordinated) delivers a portion of the proceeds to Breast Cancer Awareness. Both are a little pricey at $65 but if you're a roses fan you're gonna wanna check it out.

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