Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stila BCA Positive and Pretty Palette

Yesterday we talked about Stila's Empowered in Pink Palette and I didn't realize until hours after it had been posted that there is also the BCA Positive and Pretty Palette at Sephora. It is online only, still $14 (a $62 value) and proceeds go to breast cancer research. These colors may be more your style. Take a look....

The shades in this palette are decidedly more pink than yesterday's choice which was more of purple in tone. Since everyone and their mother (except me apparently) loves a light pink eye I think this one has broad appeal. Sephora says it comes with four shadows (got that), one blush (ditto) and a highlighter (huh?). I'm seeing more like another blush color than a highlighter but that might be because I'm Casper the Albino Ghost year round.

Again this palette is adorable and I think I like the girl's outfit better on this one. That would be a deciding factor for me if I had to choose between two palettes. Wouldn't it be for you? No? Don't lie to Jaime!

For $14 you're getting a great deal and this is a purse-tucker, a palette you'd never be without because you'd always have it stashed in your favorite bag.

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