Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lust List

There are so many makeup products out there that I can't keep up. I want to tell you about so many great things but a lot of them are out of my price range and I'm all about sharing great deals with you, I'm not about to make you fall in love with something you can't afford. So if you're in that place don't read on. This is my lust list, everything I've seen around the blogosphere or in the magazines that I love but can't even fathom shelling out for.

First and foremost who hasn't seen the Dolce and Gabanna Animalier Bronzer, the animal print one that's exlusive to Saks. Wow! It's so beautiful I wouldn't want to use it and probably wouldn't due to the fact that the print is only overspray and doesn't go through the whole compact. The two reviews on the Saks site are completely contradictory to each other so I have no idea what to believe as far as color and shimmer go! This is for a fierce chica, one who can rock animal print on a daily basis for some reason I'm picturing JLo! It's $50 and therefore out of my price range but Too Faced makes some cute alternatives.

Karla Sugar and her fabulous swatches always get me and this week is no exception. I seriously have a whole Word document dedicated to the items on her swatches I want to buy or look for on MakeupAlley when I get back to swapping. This week she got me with pink lipsticks and I'm not even a lipstick wearer. Check out this link, I'm in love with these Lancome Color Design Summer Pinks, especially S.O.S Pink and Rekindle but I'd take any of them for a spin. How pretty! Also, at this link j'adore the Rouge d'Armani Lipsticks in 519 & 520. Jeez! Plus, there's the Lipsticks from the Dior Blue Tie Collection. Swoon! I'm loving Coral Crystal and Tourbillion Pink. Karla and I have similar skintones (I think she's a smidge darker and warmer than I am) so it's always great to see her swatches and know what will look good on me too.

Another place Karla got me was with Le Metier de Beaute Rock 'n' Romance Nail Polishes. Karla has this amazingly innovative way of swatching polishes, with tape on her arm. It's great because you can still see the color against her skin but she can get them out faster if they aren't on the nail swatches. Don't get me wrong she has amazing nails and when she features her manis they are to die for. I want this whole set and not just because Chrome Passion is a near dupe for the new Chanel but because the Rock in Rock 'n' Romance really appeals to me! The set is only $25 for all four polishes, the same price as one from Chanel.

What are you lusting after that needs to be on my radar as well? Please do tell!

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