Saturday, July 16, 2011

MD Solar Sciences Ultra Sport Stick SPF 40

By now you know sun exposure is bad, very bad. In fact, I was trying to write this post on my deck but the sun beating down on my chest was not conducive to writing and I couldn't in good conscience write a post about sunscreen when I wasn't fully protected myself. I started off the day with SPF on my face. I applied to my arms and legs while sitting in my car burning like a crisp but my chest and neck are still exposed to the elements and being the idiot that I am, my sunscreen is in the car that my husband took to work. That's why something like MD Solar Sciences Ultra Sport Stick would be so handy. I'd keep it in my purse, all packed up neatly, no risk of oozing from a tube or accidental spraying from an aerosol can. It's $16 and so portable that I couldn't imagine ever being without it.

If you're more prepared than I am at any given moment (and it's not very hard to be) than you might be thinking that you don't need this product but you could be wrong. Stick formulas are perfect for application on delicate eye areas, on your nose and ears and places like the backs of hands and tops of feet that you wouldn't want to be sticky or greasy.

Although we're supposed to do away with the use of very water resistant it's still okay for now and this product claims to be very water resistant, okay for light sweating or getting splashed by the pool. As I've said before just make sure to reapply after you sweat like a beast/ towel off from swimming or every two hours, whichever comes first.

Keep yourself safe this weekend and don't suffer another day with a horrible sunburn that allows you to do nothing but lie in bed and curse the day you ever went outside without adequate sun protection.

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