Friday, July 8, 2011

Face-Off Friday: Kim Kardashian

This is a Face-Off Friday I've saved for a while. It's a little intimidating to narrow down Kim Kardashian's looks to two so I did what any reasonable woman would do and used two that were already on my computer. These two totally different looks showcase Kim's chameleon like style. I swear, this girl could wear a potato sack and still look sexy with her to die for curves and flawless personal style. Here are two of my favorite KK looks, you be the judge.

Here's Kimmy looking all sexpot in a down to there gold sequined gown. Seriously, what woman could wear this and not look like a high class hooker? Kim Kardashian that's who. Somehow she added a level of sophistication that reads like she's just out having fun with her killer curves. As usual she's rocking her wavy down 'do and some seriously smoky eyes and let me just say she does it to perfection.While this is a look I wouldn't recommend wearing out in public for us mere mortals it's super fun and flirty for the Grammys. What do you think, too sexy even for Kim?

This look totally blew me out of the water. Here's Ms. Kardashian at the SAG awards in a gorgeous royal purple Marchesa gown. While Kim's pretty vocal about her love of one shoulder frocks this is like nothing I've ever seen on her before. This color looks amazing with her dark hair, eyes and skin. She's got curves in all the right places and above all she looks comfortable. What I really love about this look is how Kim went for a more relaxed vibe with her hair and makeup. The hair is up (very rare for her) and her makeup is decidedly more subtle than we're used to seeing from her. I would just adore it if she tried new looks like this more often.

I think my pick is pretty clear pick is but what do you think? Can Kim work the gold and provocative or do you prefer purple and down to Earth? Let me know in the comments and make suggestions for who you'd like to see in next week's edition of Face-Off Friday!

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