Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Golden Globes Beauty: The Bad

Now, the snarky part, the bad. We're all guilty of falling into the snarky trap whether with our friends or aimed at celebrities. Here at Drug of Choice I really want to be straightforward without the harshness (at least today, I can't be so sure I'll be as virtuous in the future)!

Again, Tilda Swinton failed to impress. I can't get over how green her eyes are, I just want to see what they'd look like made up. I might see a trace of pink blush on her cheek but I'd like a little more. Hopefully one day I will.

If today's post was about accessories or hairstyles Scarlett Johanson might have made my good list, as far as makeup goes, not so much. I think a good helping of mascara on those top lashes would have gone a long way into improving this look. I like the colors but perhaps not together.

I'm in love with Jayma Mays strawberry blonde locks, love them, covet them even! I love the orangy tones on her hair but honestly, I could do without them on her lips. I think only a select few women could get away with wearing such a bright color on the lips just like very few women would look good with her haircolor.

Speaking of coveting, I must have Jane Krakowski's earrings, now! They're gorgeous. While I liked her silvery eyes I didn't like the frosty silver lips. Again, it's one of those terribly hard colors to pull off but it's especially hard for someone with thin lips. I would love to see Jane in a sheer peach gloss. I think that would have worked perfectly to pull this whole look together.

Seems like Christina knows what she likes and never fails to remind us, red lips, retro black liquid liner, I know. It's a pretty look but I really want to see something different out of her. I'd love a colorful eye and a pink glossed lip or a dramatic colored liner with a nude lip. Just change it up for us Xtina.

What about you? Do agree with my assessment? Think I'm delusional? Let me know.

Full Disclosure: These were written in April 2011 for reference for myself and my readers.

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