Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Golden Globes Beauty: The Good

In the interest of switching things up I've decided to separate the Golden Globe Looks into three different categories, makeup (beauty), hair and fashion. Today we'll be focusing on the beauty aspect, good and bad. First off, the good.

Amber Riley always looks spot-on on the red carpet. I love the silver shadow on her lids, a look any complexion can pull off flawlessly. Dollops of peach blush and gloss and a smidge of black liner pulls the look together flawlessly.

Wow. I adore Christina Hendrick's makeup at the Golden Globes. The bright pink lipstain looks amazing on her porcelain complexion and a silver and black lined eye looks defined without competing with her dress or hair.

Piper Perabo will always be the girl from Coyote Ugly to me, always. I remember watching that movie with my best friend and loving it. Even though I haven't watched it any time recently whenever I see Piper I have a sudden urge to find it on Netflix. She looked beautiful with tomato red lips, warm blush and warm gold-ish eyes. I love the combo on her fair skin and brown eyes.
Elisabeth Moss and Emma Stone went for similar, no makeup looks. Both beauties are pale and blonde, a combination that is often deadly if not made up properly. Fortunately, both of these ladies look great with minimal makeup, just a soft pinkish, champagne color all over with enough mascara to make the eyes stand out. So pretty!

Halle Berry looked gorgeous as usual, sporting her dark eyes and pale lips. I have to say that between her and Jennifer Lopez, I see where Kim Kardashian gets her makeup and fashion sense.

Jane Lynch looks amazing for her age, I love the soft crinkles around her eyes, they conjure up images of a lifetime of smiling. I think her makeup perfectly accentuates her face, making her look her age without adding any unnecessary age-defying tactics.

The same could be said about Jennifer Lawrence, although in the reverse. Her look is completely right for her age and you get the sense that she's really enjoying being there. Peep those gorgeous emerald (my birthstone) and diamond earrings.

Kelly Osbourne is a woman I love. She's so blunt it's a huge breath of fresh air in Hollywood. I've always thought her look matched her personality but now that she's not defined by that brash attitude I like her style even more. Look at those gorgeous lashes and simple makeup, that actually might just be more refreshing than her personality.

There you go, my choices for the best beauty at the Golden Globes. Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments.

Full Disclosure: This post was written in April 2011 for reference for myself and my readers.

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