Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Critics Choice Awards Fashion

Let's get right down to it, 90% of the reason I watch most awards shows? The dresses! Before I even thought about looking at hair and makeup I was always fascinated by the outfits the celebrities wore that I, in a million years, could never afford or pull off. Here are the stand-outs at this years Critic's Choice Awards.

One of the only beauties that shows up on both my beauty and fashion lists, Michelle Williams. I know many may not enjoy the hemline of her Balenciaga dress but I just adore it. As I said yesterday I can't get over how well the rhinestones light up her face.

The other repeat? Emma Stone, of course. If you thought her makeup was awesome, you should see the dress, so beautiful I had to post four pictures to give you the full effect. Also by Balenciaga this dress is something I not only would wear but want to. Her film Easy A won for Best Comedy and I couldn't be happier. A tale of alleged promiscuity it really shows how out of control the rumor mill is and the disparage-y when it comes down to girls having sex in high school. It's an oft-ignored topic in pop culture that needs more attention. If you haven't seen it definitely check it out.

I'll admit I hadn't heard of Hailee Steinfeld until the award season started. The actress scored the Best Young Actor award for True Grit and looked great doing it. Her pretty blush dress with girly ruffles looked right for her age and figure I can see her future as a fashionista now.

Now I'm sure to get a lot of flack for this one but I enjoyed Sarah Silverman's cute suit. I thought it was adorable and really brought out her fun personality, with it's pleated skirt and skimpy cami underneath. I'm not sure it's entirely appropriate for an awards show but I loved it just the same.

Eva Mendes stepped out in Valentino for the Critic's Choice Awards and I, for one, didn't dig it. The length and sheer black fabric are beautiful and conjure up images of that semi-naked Calvin Klein ad that's been banned from TV, which I'm sure is what her stylist was going for. I just can't get past that giant bow. It's not for me, that's for sure.

Mandy Moore rocked it on the red carpet! I'm so happy to see her showing off her body, her posture looks great and she manages to look both shy and completely comfortable at the same time. Her plum Monique Lhuillier stood out to me for it's effortless elegance. This is exactly what I like to see on Ms. Moore.

An underwhelming look was Natalie Portman in her floor length black and white column dress. I think the point was to make her baby bump less of a big deal but it just seems to me that she's trying to ignore the fact that she has an extra 10lbs of belly. Show it off. Having never been pregnant I can't imagine what it's like to dress with a bump but I definitely prefer the "show it off" look to the "cover it up, pretend it's not there" look Natalie is sporting.

Mila Kunis has really come out of her shell this awards season fashion-wise and I'm so excited to see what she's going to wear next. This Nina Ricci dress is black but the pretty ruffles and interesting hemline really help her stand out. I love the way the necklaces and ankle wrap heels lend a casual feel to the whole look. Perfection!

Last but not least, Khloe and Kim Kardashian. Could they have looked any more different? Right down to Khloe's newly red hair these girls showed they are more than just one dimensional clones of each other.
Khloe is a tall girl and her leopard print Blumarine dress with asymmetrical hemline showed it off. I love how she looks amazonian next to her her shorter sister.
Kim chose to go an entirely different route with her rust orange Vera Wang. The ruffled hemline was an attempt to make her taller (I think) but it backfired in a big way. I like that she was daring with the color but I think it was a mistep. Just because she has olive skin doesn't mean she can't wear pastels or jewel tones instead of warm hues. I'd love to see her in something lilac or baby blue, just for giggles.

What did you think? Out of these dresses which are you most likely to want to wear in your real life? Wouldn't it be nice if life were fancy enough to call for a dress like this? I wish!

Full Disclosure: This post was written in April 2011 with intent to use photos I'd already collected for award show looks, as a reference for myself and my readers.

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