Friday, January 21, 2011

Golden Globe Fashion: The Bad

Possibly my favorite post of all the Golden Globes looks, Fashion: The Bad. Sometimes when they're bad, they're real bad, as in the case at this years Golden Globes. Just take a look.

Hedi Klum in Marc Jacobs. Heidi is a supermodel, she knows what to wear to look good. It's not the cut of this dress, it's the pattern, the colors and that horrendous bow. I can't imagine this dress looking good on anyone. Perhaps in prettier colors, without the droopy bow? What do you think?

Horribly unflattering posture aside, I have to say this Vintage Yves Saint Laurent dress does little for Julianna Margalies. Less than blessed in the bust area the black just flattens what little is there and the blush pink accentuates her too fair skin. I'm a pale girl, I know how it is but a little shimmer, bronzer, ...something, would have gone a long way.

Half 80's prom dress, half designer gown Julianne Moore's Lanvin dress conjures up images of prom queens for me. The color is bright which is usually not a bad thing but paired with that pouffy sleeve I feel like I'm in a bad 80s flashback. No, just no!

Another huge no-no, from an altogether different era is Leighton Meester's little home on the prarie-esque Burberry. The pattern looks like it belongs on Laura Ingalls while the high neck and puffy sleeves reminds me of Big Love. Leighton's fashion sense is questionable at best but I like that she takes fashion risks, even when they don't pay off.

Then there is Michelle William's daisy print Valentino. This belongs on her daughter, not on a grown woman, no matter the event. I couldn't imagine wearing this out of the house unless I was going to a 70s costume party. It's a good thing she proved that she knows how to dress at the Critic's Choice Awards.

...And in worst pregnancy fashion-sense ever, the winner: Natalie Portman! Holy crap Batman, this is atrocious. Show off that bump already, please! I could deal with this dress if the rose were not there, it looks like something that belongs on the broadway stage.

I think, overall, the stars were pretty well dressed this year and most of the people in nice dresses also had nice makeup and vice versa. If you favorite star wasn't represented or you agree/disagree with any of my choices, do let me know, as always!

Full Disclosure: This post was written in April 2011 as a reference to myself and my readers.

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