Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy 2011! Let's hope the year brings everything we were wishing for in 2010. Out with the negativity, it's time to be positive and start with a fresh slate. That's where Philosophy comes in.

A favorite Christmas present of mine (if I really had to narrow it down) was Philosophy's Begin Again shower and bath gelee. It's tangerine scented and, wow, I didn't know they could make things smell that delicious. Love! But the scent isn't even the best part, nor is the lather or really anything beauty related at all, it's the poem on the front of the bottle. I'm a sucker for the written word, I'm a writer, my man's a writer (the best one I've ever heard) and it seems appropriate that words can move me and inspire me. I know it sounds corny but hear me out. Listen to this and tell me you don't think it's exactly what you needed to hear at the beginning of a new year.

You took the right road and ended up in the wrong place. Begin again. You reached the top of a mountain only to find yourself at the bottom of a new one. Begin again. You dotted every 'I' and forgot to cross your 'Ts.' Begin again. You loved with all of your heart and it got broken anyway. Begin again. You won the race but they gave first place to someone else. Begin again. You followed your North Star and ended up at the South Pole. Begin again. You achieved a big dream. Dream again.

See, inspirational stuff. I think everyone can find something in there that speaks to them. Whether you lost your job in the financial crisis, ended a long relationship or just lost your way in life, you can begin again. Pick up the pieces in 2011 and make this the best year yet. You deserve it. And, oh yeah, live beautifully.

I found Philosophy Begin Again at Marshall's and frequently (read: most of the time) buy my supply at Marshall's or her sister store, TJ Maxx. It's definitely worth checking out if you love the line as much as I do.

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  1. I love the Philosophy line. I have to admit that sometimes I 'accidentally' forget my soap just so I can use these ones in the shower. They smell so good, the only downside being that they make me hungry. I mean where the hell do they come up with these scents?! I love it. And I'm not one for poetry that doesn't rhyme but I love their little poetic words of inspiration, whoever would have thought that a bottle of bubble bath would make for good reading?