Monday, January 17, 2011

Critics Choice Awards Beauty

The Critic's Choice Awards were last weekend and a smaller scale kick-off to the awards season. Honestly, I've never heard of them before and I've definitely never seen them, but I wouldn't miss an opportunity to talk about the beauty and fashion so here goes....

Amber Rose- I only remember her as the ex-girlfriend of Kanye West (I think) who always shows up to award shows half dressed. Oh well. There's no denying she has a gorgeous face and I love the way her makeup is done here. The pink lips are gorgeous and so pretty without being too in your face on her gorgeous skin. Matching pink cheeks and heavily lined eyes add to the fresh yet edgy effect. What I'm most impressed with are her brows. I wish mine could get anywhere near that perfect.

Sofia Vergara- I think she's a gorgeous woman but her makeup really underwhelmed me. In my humble opinion it aged her (or in this case made her look her age when she usually looks 5-10 years younger). I think she could have used more hydration on her face, either less powder to counteract her dry skin or a more hydrating moisturizer/primer/foundation. I also found her lipcolor and her eyeshadow to be too plain-Jane, not enough bombshell. There's always next time Sofia.

Michelle Williams- One of the few woman who I actually enjoy more with short hair. Her buttery blonde paired with tons of shine and impeccable hydration makes her really stand out. Her soft makeup really put the focus on her natural beauty and her super cool dress. I adore the way the rhinestones light up her already shimmery face. Love!

Jennifer Lawrence- A gorgeous young actress with perfectly age appropriate makeup. Her features are essentuated without making her look overly made up. I am in love with her lip and cheek shade and I could see myself wearing this look all the time myself.

Keri Hilson- I feel like I say this every time but I really love her hair and makeup here. Keri is a beautiful woman and I'm so happy to see her so bright and smiley on the red carpet. The silver liner makes her look cool without trying too hard. Again, this is a look I could see myself wearing and don't we all love to get inspiration from the red carpet?

Emma Stone- Many people may not know that Emma Stone is a natural blonde who colored her hair red before she hit Hollywood to help her stand out, a daring by very worthwhile move. While I love her as a redhead I think she looks great as a blonde, especially since her hair looks so well taken care of. As a pale beauty I think she was smart to warm up her complexion with a slightly darker and warmer foundation and it's blended so seamlessly that, if it weren't for being so close, you'd have no idea. The soft updo and lightly lined eyes are pretty and subtle, a girl next door look I thoroughly enjoy seeing on the red carpet.

Tilda Swinton- As usual she didn't impress me. She has such striking features, those peircing green eyes of hers, yet she fails to accentuate them with very little makeup. Now, I'm not one to judge, God knows most of my friends don't wear makeup, but I think she could stand a little bit of color somewhere. But, you have to respect her bravery for going au natural in a sea of fake boobed, blonde, leggy actresses.

Kim Kardashian- Are you like me? Are you tired of seeing the same look from her every.single.time. I get that she went daring with the dress but would it kill her to add a little color to her lips instead of her normal nude? I think just a slightly peachier shade would have made all the difference with her bright orange dress.

Full Disclosure: This post was written in April 2011 with interest in sharing the write-up I'd already done for the award show.

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