Monday, February 14, 2011

BAFTA 2011

Okay, I'm officially jealous. Why did all the gorgeous ladies save their best dresses for London and the 2011 BAFTA awards? I can't even come up with any that I didn't absolutely adore. Why oh why? There's no way I could narrow down the best dressed so here I go in alphabetical order.

Amy Adams is beautiful and I was stunned when she sported the most perfect shade of peach on the orange carpet. This color perfectly offsets her hair and skin and I think it even complements that hideous Nickelodeon-esqe entrance.

Emma Stone in Lanvin. I have to say, I think Emma's missing her red-orange locks. This girl has not stopped wearing the shade since she went blonde. I love the lighter orange near her face the darker, tomato red on the bottom of the dress. So pretty and fun!

Emma Watson looked darling in a delicately patterned one shoulder gown. The nude color (or should I say colour) looked absolutely amazing with her skintone. Simply Smashing!

Wow. It's pretty much all I can say. Jessica Alba looks divine in this perfect shade of blue. I like the cut and neckline of this comfortable looking gown.

I always like the way jewel tones look next to red hair and Julianne Moore is no exception. This velvet strapless frock is perfection. It has almost an Elvish (not Elvis, silly) quality to it, I could see Liv Tyler wearing it as Arwen. Dork much?

Thandie Newton rocked my world in this over-the-top pink patterned number. I've never seen anything quite like it and it just looks like the most fun, I'm ready for spring kind of dress I've ever seen.

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