Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SAG Awards: The Bad

We all watch the awards shows for the beauty and fashion but I can't be alone in enjoying the bad just as much, if not more than, the good. Here's a selection of some of my lesser favorites of the night, these aren't even the worst of it. Tomorrow I will highlight the atrocities that made the Ugly List.

First of all, in all the glamourous long dresses a star could pick Amy Poehler and Dianna Agron went for shorter dresses. Amy was in a knee length black dress completely wrong for her figure, only adding to the list of things wrong with her choice. Plus, not to rag on the girl or nothin' but I am not digging her baby blonde hair. I'd rather see her with a more natural hue, especially for a funny girl, she doesn't need to look like a bombshell. Dianna's tea length Chanel, however pretty just doesn't work for me. I applaud her for the fashion bravery but I think it was a misstep. Her makeup was surprisingly less than thrilling as well. For a girl with such gorgeous features I feel she was wearing way too much eye makeup.

Another huge no-no in my book is looking like you belong at prom, especially for ladies in their 30s, 40s and beyond. This year Jane Lynch and Winona Ryder stick out to me as two such actresses who forgot that their prom days were long behind them and Winona's purse certainly does not help remove the prom connotation from my mind nor her deer caught in the headlights look. She looks terrified that Jimmy Smith is going to try and get to second base after the dance.

Jayma Mays, no matter how cute, is doing herself absolutely no justice in the shapeless and unappealing peach dress she picked for the event. I would like to see her in a jewel tone to really show off her beautiful hair. I did, however, adore her matching peach lips.

Natalie, Natalie, Natalie. What am I going to do with you? I know I've been complaining about her loose tent like maternity dresses but this one, not a big step up. It hugs her bump in all the right places and just looks weirdly uncomfortable. Please pick something that hugs the whole bump not just the expanse of flesh across the center. Her hair, no, that didn't make me happy either.

Then of course, as usual, we have the lacy ladies who I feel did it all wrong. Nicole Kidman's black lace looks more appropriate for a funeral and it was ill-fitting on top of that. Her normally gorgeous strawberry blonde looks just looked blah (of course it's hard to blame her with a new baby at home). I really give it to Tina Fey for going with such an uncharacteristically bold shade of red on the red carpet but I can't get past the little tuft of lace at the top of the dress, it reminds me of pineapples for some reason. Her hair and makeup were sublime, as usual, though. Also in the lace category, though I'm not sure if it's actually lace or just a design on the fabric, is January Jones. I thought she looked amazing at the People's Choice Awards and I love how this look is the complete opposite of that look but I can't get on board. She's got a gorgeous figure and while the shape of the dress accentuates the hourglass I feel it's too covered up. Plus, am I the only one who hated this floppy hairstyle? My hair seriously looks like that when I wake up in the morning, minus the perfect blonde hue and sleek, glossy finish of course.

The last on my list isn't a bad dress choice per se but I think the black velvet belt completely ruined it. Maybe a matching belt or even a thinner black one tied in the back, just something different. I love the neckline and the color on Jennifer I just don't think the belt works, it breaks her up in a bad place for her athletically shaped figure.

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