Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SAG Awards: The Ugly

Now, we're on to everyone's favorite part of the award show season, seeing some of the horrendous outfits stars choose to wear. There are some *ahem Helena Bonham Carter* who always look wacky, they don't even make my list, you can just imagine what she'd be wearing.

I only had five ladies who made the cut at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards 2011, all of them complete surprises for me.

First up, the biggest disappointment of the night, Christina Hendricks. The girl has a body, that cannot be denied, so why hide it in what can only be described as Hugh Hefner Couture. It looks like a fancy robe and as a woman with curves I know how flattering a thick robe can be, it's impossible to look lithe in that. Her fiery locks and smoky eyes really looked gorgeous though so fire the stylist and hire the hair and makeup team, they're keepers.

After seeing pics of the SAG pre-party I was really hoping for something great out of Glee's Jenna Ushkowitz. I mean, the black lace dress she wore was fabulous, however her actual SAG dress was no where near the perfection confection of earlier. Her actual event dress reminded me of crepe paper or those horrible toilet paper wedding dresses made at bridal showers, not to mention the totally unflattering nude color. I couldn't get on board.

Next, but certainly not best, Julie Bowen. I think there's a certain type of woman who can pull of a jumpsuit, namely fashion modles with no visible curves. I'm not saying Ms. Bowen is the curviest girl but a one piece getup can only be as narrow as the widest part of your body, whether it's your athletic waist or your big ol' badonkadonk. A 70s flair bottom only adds to the strangeness. Pass, please.

In the awful, yet not terrible category is the lovely Rosario Dawson. First, I have to say I adored her earrings, easily something I can see myself running out to buy big emerald drops, gorgeous. However, her butter yellow dress and awkwardly placed ruffle-covered slit just didn't do it for me. I'm surprised. Rosario has never been one of my favorites but I expected so much more from her. Loving the retro hair though.

Last, and in this case definitely least, is Kate Mara. I love her beautiful auburn hair and her fabulously adorable features but I do not support her choice in award show attire. I almost couldn't get past her horrible twisted headband long enough to notice the atrocity that was her nude, ruffled, corseted, all over the place dress. I mean, that headband looks like something one would wear to wash their face at the end of the night, not wear on a red carpet and the dress has so much going on it could win a SAG award for it's broad range of styles. Next time I want to see her in something simple, a gorgeous jewel tone, an interesting neckline but otherwise simple and elegant.

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