Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grammys: The Good: Part Two

There was so much beauty on the red carpet that you're treated to two posts just to contain all the good looks of the night. Here goes the second half.

My second favorite of the night and definite winner for best pattern is Julianne Hough. She's a gorgeous girl and now that she's back to being a blonde I'm loving her whole look. Her dancer's body looks amazing in the plunging neckline and something about the dress makes her eyes pop like crazy. Love it. I'd wear this to a spring or summer wedding.

Of course, I have to have one on my list that everyone can disagree on that I love shamelessly, Jordin Sparks. I'm not completely crazy over the strange train, short in the front hem but it's such a gorgeous color and fit on her that I have to include it. This is so figure flattering and I wish I had curves like that!

For something totally different Janelle Monae wore her signature tuxedo outfit. I love it. The pants are gorgeous and the exact right length for her beautiful platforms. The only thing about this look I'm not crazy about is her tie. How amazing did she do in her performance? I've never heard her sing but you could tell she knew what she was doing, nerves alone would get the best of most of us.

Speaking of performers I was amazed by Miranda Lambert taking stage all by herself to perform her single "The House That Built Me," I'm not a big country fan but you have to be impressed by a solo performer on music's biggest night. She seemed completely humbled by winning the award and though I didn't like the dress she had on to accept, I absolutely loved her gold sequined number she sported on the red carpet. It works amazingly well with her blonde hair. Beautiful!

Kim Kardashian is always on my lists and I always feel like a sell-out for including her only for the simple fact that she's not a musical artist (yet! I'm not really looking forward to that one) and I can't get on board with the celebrity for celebrities sake stuff, enough of that. There's no denying she's gorgeous and has an amazing figure and this bronze sequined, cut down to there J.Lo'esque gown showed off her body perfectly. I'd really like to see her try a new hair and makeup look instead of wearing the same bronze smoky eye and nude lip. Anyone else agree?

Also always on my list, Lea Michele. I love this dress on her and her bold red lip. I love it for the simple fact that it's similar to my senior prom dress with the cutout lace panel, though that's all they have in common. The slit shows off her gorgeous gams and her bright smile makes it seem like she's actually enjoying herself which is always refreshing.

I have no idea who Melanie Fiona is, please forgive me. Of course if she always looks this gorgeous I won't be forgetting her anytime soon. This is another look I could actually see myself wearing. The silver maxi dress with metallic accent is fabulous but would look equally good at a spring BBQ as it does on the red carpet. Beautiful. I can't wait to see more from her.

There's probably another dress I loved that I could see others finding fault with but I can't get out of my mind long enough to keep it off my list, Mya. Her baby blue sequined strapless dress could have gone mermaid but her simple styling kept it completely grounded. Whatta ya think?

There must have been a lot more chicas on the red carpet but I kept seeing the same 50 or so over and over again. Did I miss someone I shouldn't have? If you know of anyone I shouldn't have overlooked please, please, please, let me know. I'll be sure to check it out.

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