Friday, February 4, 2011

Covergirl NatureLuxe and LipPerfection

Wow. It seems like every time I turn around I'm finding a great new lipstick line at the drugstore, first Maybelline and now Covergirl. I'm really excited to try LipPerfection, 44 pigmented shades that promise to transform the look of your lips after a few wears.

And... how could you not be excited to try the NatureLuxe line? Natural lines are pretty hit or miss but it's about damn time we get a great affordable natural line we can all get on board with. The foundation with SPF 10 (not that SPF 10 is really enough) looks very promising. I love Lipgloss with balm like texture and to me the gloss balm seems a lot like the old school LipSlicks that I loved in high school.

On a not-entirely-different topic, how awkward does Taylor Swift look in the ads? She's such a beautiful girl, all tall, blonde and curly mane and her poses just look silly, trying to be a top model or something. Sit the girl down and make her giggle and snap some pictures, it's going to appeal to her fans and makeup fans alike.

If you try the line let me know how you like it and if NatureLuxe is something to try out.

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